Summer Strikes Back

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According to the calendar, the first day of fall is a week from tomorrow. Now that is the day when we get equal amounts of sun and night and it really doesn’t mean anything with respect to temperatures. But I know there are legions of summer haters out there – well maybe not haters but those who prefer cooler temperatures. To each his own.

And around here, they are going to be bitterly disappointed this week. I can see them with their pumpkin spice everything. They’ve retrieved all their sweaters and are just waiting for cool nights when they can leave the windows open. But summer just decides its going to hang out for a little longer as we are going to be in the upper 80’s all of next week.

I’m not going anywhere!

I certainly understand the feeling of wanting to get to the next season and having the old one hang around like a very uninvited guest. For me, it is when winter drags on longer than it should. But it also seems to me (and I checked so I know this is true) that the last couple of years we’ve had stretches of 90 degree days into September. It seems like we’ve had cold and wet Aprils and hot and dry Septembers. Maybe this is the new normal. I know all the farmers were having trouble planting this spring. I don’t know if the hot dry weather now helps or hurts.

We went to a local apple orchard on Saturday. I’ve mentioned it before as it is kind of something we like to do on nice fall days in September. It is a little strange to be walking around in shorts and a t-shirt while the leaves are starting to change and drop. Guess the leaves don’t care that summer is sticking around. They’ve got things to do and places to go so it’s time to drop.

The one problem with the hot dry September is that it tends to burn up the leaves on the tree. Rather than turning nice colors, they just get all brown and dead and drop. The area I’m in isn’t really known for fall color anyway as most the trees turn yellow. I mean it is still fall color but I think people look for the oranges and reds and we don’t have a lot of those here.

Talked with Dad today. Planning another trip up to see him and trying to coordinate that with my sister because she’s coming in for a bit sometime in either late September or early October. I found that it was really kind of depressing to be there by myself and I haven’t seen my sister in a bit so this will accomplish two things.

Dad does seem a bit concerned about how I’m adjusting to my new life. But he said something to the effect that he learned to like Sundays because he didn’t have to get up the next morning. That I can fully understand.

The strange things is I’m now kind of looking forward to Monday because it means getting to go the gym. Yeah, that sounds a little weird. But it is also nice to think about all the poor people heading back to work and knowing that I’m not one of them.

Well that’s all I wanted to say tonight. I’m going to enjoy next week. Sooner or later it will actually be the last time we see temps in the 80’s for a period of time.

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