Transitions – Continued

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So my Labor Day weekend wasn’t as much fun as normal because I was dealing with a nasty headache. This is just part of the fun of grass pollen season and the transition in season from summer to fall. We get these battles between the nice warm, humid air to the south and the cooler, dryer air to the north that wants to take over.

For example, today is supposed to be a high of around 85 and the dew point is 70. (Yes I’m a weather geek and I know what dew point is. There is a story and I might share it some time). Tomorrow the high will be 75 and they are promising much less humidity. As the air masses clash, they use my head as one of the battlefields so I can typically predict that the weather is about to change.

Probably would have been a useful skill in very olden times before weather satellites. Or they may have just assumed I was consumed by demons and burned me at the stake or some such thing.

We took Rocco back to the park a couple of times this weekend. I guess the walnut trees got the memo that it was Labor Day weekend and that summer was over because a significant number of leaves had turned yellow. Getting a head start on the fall/winter that is coming. I do know walnuts tend to turn earlier than most (I’m a fountain of useless information) but it is a clear sign that we are moving from summer to fall.

When I was still working (and it is weird to write that), I would typically take the Friday before a 3 day weekend off because it gave me two short weeks and a 4 day weekend. There was something mentally uplifting of getting to Saturday night and realizing that you had a whole other weekend ahead of you.

But, this morning, instead of having to go back to work and deal with that mess, I went to the gym. Trying to help make this my new routine. If you remember, I signed up for a summer membership as a trial run but today I extended that for a year. The summer trial was good to see what they had and what I could do and to make sure I could stick with it. Still not sure about how easy it will be to leave a warm house come this winter but as long as it isn’t snowing, I think I can make this work.

I am meeting with our lunch group of current/former employees on Thursday. I’m hoping to see some people I haven’t seen in a bit. This has been the difficult part of the transition because you see people five days a week for many years and then you kind of fall out of each others lives for a bit.

And that’s all I’ve got for today. Happy to be behind the worst of the headache. As much as I hate to see summer leave, I am happy that football season is starting. That and baseball are really the only sports I pay close attention to. Oh and tonight is double dance lesson. Hope we find time to continue working on what the coach started on Friday.

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