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I have a chance to do a Showcase in September. I’m not sure how they divide up the Famous Franchises, so even though this one is close, they have their own set of FFs that come to their Showcase. We’ve been before and I’ve had a good time but I’ve decided not to attend this year.

Why? Well we have three routines in various stages of readiness. The Argentine Tango is farthest along. The West Coast just got parts of it torn up and redone so there is work there. And the Fox Trot is really just beginning. If I were to do the Showcase, we’d have to put those on the back burner to start going over the heats I’d do. Then, I’d have to pick them back up after the Showcase and hope to have them polished before ours in November.

So I think the smart plan is to just maximize my time getting these routines down and work towards ours in November.

We were supposed to have water softener salt delivered today but they came sometime last week while we were gone so it was waiting for us on the back porch. Glad my wife spotted it because it is kind of a place we don’t normally pay attention to.

Why would I mention that? Well because that meant I was going to have to stay home this morning. But since the salt was delivered, I got to go to the gym the morning for a workout. I like it when life hands you little bonuses.

I noticed today that my shoulder is progressing. I got my hand around my back and higher up than I’ve been able to do. I was also able to do some of the machines (chest press, pull down) that were problematic before. I’m still keeping the weight very light so as not to over do it but I’m happy for any sort of progress on that front. I did have to skip out on my exercises last week – decided packing a bunch of resistance bands wasn’t really a good plan. But it didn’t seem to set my recovery back.

Random thing that happened on our flight from Halifax. We were late getting out because the plane was late getting in. And we had to circle our hub for a bit just because you always have to circle at a hub. Well the flight attendants came on over the PA system to tell us that we had nine members of the Canadian military who were trying to catch an overseas flight for their deployment. And, with the delay, they were going to have to sprint to their gate to catch the flight. Since they were all the way in the back, could we all just cool our jets and let them out first.

And we hit the gate and nine guys came running up to the front. It was nice to see everyone being so cooperative. That’s kind of the thing about air travel these days. I think it creates an “everyone for themselves” kind of mindset. You’ve got to rush to get on the plane as soon as possible to take as much overhead space as possible. Everyone has the stress of trying to get from point A to point B and it seems like so many people just get tunnel vision. All that matters is getting to where they need to get. (I’m thinking you could probably film a Hunger Games type survival movie in an airport and it wouldn’t be far off)

Anyway, it is just nice to see a plane full of people realize that there are others on board and that it was OK to let someone else go first. I know it helped that they were military folks. Something about someone willing to sign up to potentially put themselves in harms way. You’d feel pretty stupid standing up to say “well I’ve got to get to some meeting”.

Now, I’m not a germaphobe but I always feel kind of grimy after flying all day. Especially when you have to spend time in a busy airport. Your sitting with the ghosts of all the people who sat in those chairs before you. Same thing on a plane – which is something I really don’t want to think too much about because you know they don’t really clean those things that often.

While we were waiting for our flight back home, we were sitting in some out of the way gate and the chairs all had cupholders. Nice touch but then about half of them had a cup or bottle in them. Seriously people? Do you think the airport has a maid service to clean up your mess. How freaking hard is it to just walk to the nearby receptacles and toss your trash? I know you are flying out and leaving the hub behind and don’t care but others are going to be using that space. A little consideration maybe?

Picked up the dog yesterday and he literally ran out of the kennel and down the stairs. I know he really doesn’t mind the kennel but dogs like their routine and getting back home was where he wanted to go. Today, he’s already bugged me a few times about taking a walk but it is raining so I tell him no. He doesn’t understand.

So I’ve done most of what needs to be done to adjust from vacation back to life. Stuff unpacked and put away. Laundry done. Shopping done to restock the house. Suitcases stashed for the next time. The worst part is tonight when the accumulated mail shows up. Sorting through all of it to extract the important stuff and then having a stack of bills to pay. Well maybe not a stack but at least a few. Paying bills is when I hate being an adult.

The funny thing is that my wife would be much better at that stuff. She’s far more precise than I am but she wanted nothing to do with writing checks. I’ve told you before that my checkbook balance doesn’t match what the bank shows. Its off by a couple of bucks so I’m sure there is a mistake in there somewhere. I don’t have the time or patience to track it down. I’m sure if you are particular about this kind of thing, that statement probably made you shake your head just a bit.

So I’ve come to end of my ramblings. And besides, the dog wants to go out – again.

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