Vacation Time

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We did actually arrive at our destination. Wouldn’t want you to think something really terrible had happened. We’ve just been usually active since we landed and I didn’t get a chance to post anything.

Today, we were out and about for 12 hours which is highly unusual for our typical vacations. The difference is we are in a part of Nova Scotia where there are lots of little towns with lots of things to see but places that you can typically see in a day. Plus, we are spending the last half of the trip near Halifax so I wanted to be someplace roughly in the middle. It just meant that the things we wanted to see today were about an hour from the motel and that meant we couldn’t pop back and rest in the afternoon.

I’m going to keep this brief because its a bit late in the evening and I don’t want to spend a lot of time rambling so I’ll just give you one story that could only happen to a couple like us.

We are on the plane from our home town to the hub and my wife notices this small moth on her window. Actually, it is kind of wedged into the window a bit so I put a napkin on the window and he climbs out and then flies for a bit and lands back on the window.

As much of an animal lover as I am, I was going to leave him there. We freed him from confinement so he was free to fly about the plane. My wife tells me that he’ll die on the plane and we have to take him with us. She suggests I get a cup from the flight attendant and no way I’m asking for a cup at the end of a flight to rescue a moth.

I did have my eyeglass case so I extended another napkin to him and he climbed on and I got him in the case. My first thought was to release him in the terminal where he could fend for himself but my wife was again worried because he needed to be outside. So, as people are filing past and exiting the plane, I trying to shoo a moth out of my glass case and direct him towards the gaps in the jetway. He does fly out and lands on the side of the plane which I figured was good enough.

Not to be cruel but I have no idea what a moth like that eats but I’m pretty sure there isn’t a lot to be found at a major airport. But he’s free to face his own destiny whatever that will be. Who knows, maybe he just wanted to see more of the country and a plane was certainly going to be faster than his little wings.

And that’s it for tonight. I don’t know if I’ll post much more over the next couple of days. It will all depend. But the important thing is that all my pre flight worries were for naught and I’m now in the mode where I can enjoy seeing new things.

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