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tran-si-tion (n) the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. Syn: change, move, passage, transformation, conversion, adaptation, adjustment, alteration, changeover, metamorphosis

That word has come up a lot lately in this process. My career coach uses it all the time. I suspect they focus grouped the most appropriate sounding language for being let go and trying to figure out what to do next.

Change is OK but every company talks about change and how good it is but their idea of change was to get rid of you so that’s probably not a good word to use. Transformation sounds more powerful but, like metamorphosis they tend to mean some kind of physical change. Personally, I think adaptation is a little better because it reflect how you deal with an environment that is changing around you.

I only bring this up because I had my call with the career coach yesterday. I’m thinking that she’s probably secretly glad that I’m not trying to re-enter the workforce because it makes her job easier. But she seemed to have forgotten our entire conversation from last time and that’s a bit concerning.

Her first question was “what have you been doing”. Well I’m really just enjoy life right now. I did mention that I’ve been going to the gym almost every day (I had been earlier that morning) and she talked about how wonderful that was for this transition period.

Wait? Transition period. Maybe I’ve already transitioned and I’m just trying to re-establish my new lifestyle. I thought that’s what we talked about last time. I’m not biding my time in the gym waiting for an opportunity. I’m choosing to exercise because it feels good and it is something I want to do. We’ll speak again after Labor Day so I might have to remind her.

I did finish the resume. That was an interesting process to go through. When you’re not a self-promoter and someone who tends to downplay your strengths, it is difficult to actually start using really positive terms to describe yourself and your accomplishments. As I’ve said, some people are just born with an endless well of self confidence and some of us just have a tiny pool that is easily emptied. But when you can honestly look back, it is an eye opener. I wouldn’t normally use that type of language to describe myself but I can’t argue with it. While not nearly as dramatic, it is kind of like George Bailey realizing that he’s been more successful than he thought.

So I will have a professional looking resume on the off chance that I decide to re-enter the work force. Right now, that seems like a very unlikely possibility. But since I didn’t have to pay a thing, it was a good investment. I mean you can’t beat free.

For right now, I’m content with my new life. I like being able to work out every day. I like having time to write (even though some days I struggle to find the right thing to say). I just like having time. It may sound selfish, but you work for someone else and it is nice to have time for me.

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