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My car has this ridiculous fob instead of a key. (Yes, I’m old and I miss the simple keys). I know we need the buttons to lock/unlock the car and open the trunk from afar and those take space so we live with the bulk. I also suspect mine is an older model and I’m just assuming that these things will shrink with time.

I mean, seriously, who wants to carry this thing around all day?

Anyway, the point of this is that the stupid thing is really too big to fit on a key ring because it then would create a large bulk of stuff so I keep my real keys on a different ring. I know this means I carry two things but, to me, that is preferable to one big, bulky item. And now this really didn’t get us closer to the point but I’m rambling now, so just hang with me for a bit.

Really the only keys I have on the other ring are the house keys which I only need in the event of a power failure because then the garage door wouldn’t open and I’d be stuck. I have needed a house key for that specific purpose on at least two occasions. Oh and also for when we leave on vacation and have a car pick us up so I don’t have to leave one in long term parking. So I don’t really look at it when I take it out of my pocket at night or put it in my pocket in the morning.

Which is why some two months after my final day at work, I just noticed that I was still carrying around the key to my old office and the key to the cabinets in my office. I mean I may have been subconsciously aware of it but it didn’t register until recently that I’m holding on to keys I don’t need. I didn’t mean to keep them. They didn’t ask for them back and I never locked my office so I never really used them and it was easy to forget that they were there.

And now they are gone and the ring is much lighter. Yes, it is kind of a metaphor for life after work as well. Now I can’t believe I spent this much time on a stupid key. Hope I didn’t bore you to tears.

I did my exercise this morning. I’m loving getting to the gym before 8:30. The traffic is mostly calmed down because the vast majority of people should be at work and the gym is as thinned out as I think it gets. Plus I’m a morning person and I think it gives me more energy to work out early in the day. I tested the left shoulder a bit today and I’m trying to be good about stretching it after working it. Small steps.

Also put some finishing touches on my resume. It kind of feels silly at this point but I went through all the trouble of constructing one that I might as well go the last mile and finish it. Then, if my life goals change, or if something unexpected happens, I’ll at least have something to work with. Right now, I can’t see myself doing it. There were good parts to work but mostly it was about me trying to find the good in an environment that really didn’t fit my personality type. So why would I ever want to go back into the corporate world? Still it is good to be prepared so I will finish up the resume.

And more dancing tonight. I do think I have a song for the Fox Trot so I guess we’ll start working on that and keep working on the new West Coast Swing parts. Should be fun.

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