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Since we’ve essentially finished the choreography on all the dances, our lessons are primarily focused on all those little things that move you from doing steps to actually dancing. To go back to a old analogy of mine – dance is the endless onion, there are always layers. Or maybe it is better to say that dance involves the entire body and many times the pieces are moving in different directions so there is always something to work on.

For example, in the Argentine Tango, it was all about which direction do I rotate my upper body to get her to move backwards. Sometimes I just run into these mental blocks where something just doesn’t stick. A lot of times that leads to overthinking and paralysis where I can’t do anything. As it turned out, when I just relaxed and did it to the music, I moved in the right direction.

We always worked on the West Coast again because we do have a coaching lesson tonight to look at the routine and add some more cool content. Plus to work out a little pattern that we can do at heats during the next Showcase.

Group class was Viennese Waltz and it was a step JoNY and I do in our pattern. The step moves because it is designed to take up an entire long side of the floor. I’ll admit that doing that much Viennese Waltz was a little hard on my knee so I had to ice it when I got back.

On the life front, I’m trying out a new routine. I’m more of a morning person and I like that the new gym is less crowded before 10 so this is the second day in a row that I’ve gone over right after breakfast for a little workout. The thing about working out is that I do enjoy the feeling after I’ve finished but it is still something I need to push myself to do. It was a little easier at work because I could take time away from boring work stuff to do something that was more fun. Now, I’ve got all these time wasters. Should I leave the house and drive to the gym or watch another funny You Tube video. Tough choices!

So I’m trying to do the “adult” parts of my life early in the day and then leave the rest of the day open for play. I include this in my “play” part of life but I paid a few bills before starting this post so that fits with my plan. I guess that I’ve been out long enough that it is time to find a new routine for life with some specific activities rather than just drifting aimlessly like a jellyfish.

I did run into my old personal trainer at the gym today. I knew she said she worked out at this place but this is the first time I’ve seen her. So that was fun.

Then, after getting back home, my wife noticed this male deer making his way through the neighborhood. Just kind of taking a stroll on the sidewalk. Thought he’d work his way up to some of our plantings but there must have been better stuff in another direction.

So many Hostas, so little time.

All in all, its been a very good day so far. Really looking forward to the coaching lesson tonight.

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