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Had my double lesson last night. Again, it is mostly just pointers on various dances and repetition so I can get the steps down without having to think about it. More forward poise in Rumba. More leading swivels with the upper body in Argentine Tango. Stuff like that. The little things that aren’t so little but that you can really only start to focus on when you’ve got the big stuff like footwork and timing down.

We are also taking a coaching lesson next week to work on the West Coast Swing. This is a guy I’ve worked with many times with many instructors but it is the first time with JoNY. One thing that I tend to forget is that JoNY has not been around since the beginning of time like I have. Like she asked if I’d worked with this guy before. Not that I expect her to know these things but it is just that little reminder that I need to remember that she doesn’t have my full dance history memorized.

And we talked about doing a third routine for Showcase which we’ll have to start on now to have it in some kind of shape in November. She wants to do a smooth dance and we selected Fox Trot. Since I’m already doing Argentine Tango, I don’t want to do Tango. And, as much as I love Viennese Waltz, I’ve done a lot of those so it is time to do something else.

The next challenge is finding the right song. The vast majority of Fox Trot songs are rat pack type music. I swear every Frank Sinatra song is a Fox Trot. Now, I’ve got nothing against Frank Sinatra and I do love that music but there is my internal show off that is saying we have to do something out of the ordinary.

So I’m scanning for non traditional Fox Trots but haven’t found anything yet. There are a couple of covers of rock songs done to a more swing/big band beat. I found a version of Enter Sandman like this. But even if you recognize the song, it still just sounds like most other Fox Trots. Now if you could do a Fox Trot to the Metallica version, that would be cool.

There’s another list that has Bring Me to Life by Evanscence but I don’t really trust things that I see on just one list. Couldn’t find a video of anyone actually doing a Fox Trot to that song so I don’t know. That would be unique. There’s also a video of a couple doing a Fox Trot to Let it Go (Frozen) but since that’s a solo in the movie, it doesn’t quite lend itself to a story or costumes.

do you think he can Fox Trot?

If you’re a dancer and have heard or know of “unusual” Fox Trots, let me know.

Well I had more to say but time slipped away while I was watching videos and now I’ve got to get somewhere. So I think I’ll just end this here.


  1. My $0.02 – I have copies of DJ Ice’s ‘Very Ballroom’ CDs (yes, the actual CDs, not just illegal downloads of them). I find them to be more entertaining to use for practice music than traditional songs. One of my favorite Foxtrot songs is the Foxtrot version of ‘Eye of the Tiger’ that is on ‘Very Ballroom 5’ – I would recommend checking that out. Or take a look at the track listing on all five of those CD sets and see if any of the other Foxtrot numbers intrigue you.

    All the songs on those CDs are set for International Foxtrot, so they will be about 10-15 BPM slower than your traditional American Foxtrot. Just keep that in mind if you’re looking for something a bit faster. 🙂

  2. There is also a foxtrot version of ‘smells like teen spirit’ out there….think it is Paul Anka singing.

  3. Depending how much you want to play into the costume aspect, there’s a foxtrot version of both the Spiderman theme and the James Bond theme out there. As the Thespian mentioned, there’s a lot on the Very Ballroom CDs. Some sound like traditional big band foxtrots, but many of them don’t. I rather like the version of King of the Road as it’s not quite so swingy as some other songs.

    You may also want to check out the Postmodern Jukebox channel on youtube. They do remixes of a lot of popular songs in a variety of musical styles. They span all sorts of genres, so you may find something weirdly delightful. Good luck!

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