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I just noticed my number of followers hit a nice round number. Now, it is a SMALL nice round number but everyone likes round numbers, don’t we? Something about things that end in zero.

I do also know that number does not represent the number of eyes that view these posts. The blog world is constantly shifting like desert sands. People start blogs for all kinds of reasons and then they reach out and connect with others and then life happens and they stop blogging and/or reading others.

And then there are those who probably have bots that just follow based on key words to get you to follow back. They are probably smart enough to set up filters so that your posts go to some kind of dead mailbox that they never open. I mean if you really followed that many, you’d spend your entire day reading and who has time for that?

But I do get links to posts about how to get more followers and other blogging tips and it just convinces me I’m going about this all wrong.

Like the number one thing is to find something that your reader is interested in or write about something that is your passion. The closest I came was when my main focus was on ballroom. But that was too limiting for me (I’ve got lots to say) and, besides, there are others who have much better information than I could share if your goal is to get into competitive dancing.

So this becomes a bunch of random stories about things that happen to me or interest me. Which is all wrong because I’m supposed to be writing about what interests you. I mean you’re the ones tuning in and you’ll only stay if you’re not bored.

I’m also notoriously undisciplined as a writer. My posts ramble on and jump from point to point. See, in real life, I’m more a listener than a talker so here I’m free to speak without interruption and I take full advantage of that. My brain makes all these random leaps and my writing reflects that. So it gets scattered. That’s what happens when most of your posts are just stream of consciousness stuff.

I think the only thing I do right is post a lot. You never know what you’re going to get but you’re going to get a lot of stuff.

I did actually read several posts by a guy who claims to specialize in getting you a lot of followers and I’ve thought about what it would be like to have lots and lots of people reading this. Then, I realize it would be a lot of work and I’m more lazy than I care to admit.

See, I’m just having fun here. Admittedly, some of my posts get a bit too serious – I get into places where I’ve got some strong emotions that need to be let out and this is the place to do it. So to however many of you stick around, thanks.

Just a brief update from yesterday. Then, I told you that my thumbs weren’t hurting. Today, they decided to join the party so I’ve got my soft braces on as I type this.

I checked the weather to see if things are going to change and it is supposed to get hotter which normally doesn’t trigger anything but who knows anymore. I’ve become that stereotypical old dude “I can feel it in my bones”. Makes me wonder a bit – maybe people with arthritis back in ancient times were revered for their ability to predict weather changes. I mean we couldn’t go out and hunter/gather so it was probably either show some use by warning of impending storms or be put out on the ice. (See, you won’t get content like this anywhere else)

OK, I’m done for today. Since it will probably take a couple of years for the next hundred followers, I won’t be doing another post like this soon.


  1. I actually follow you because you are authentic on here. I like wordpress because it’s like long lunches and dinners with dear friends. Each friend brings something different to the party, and each person contributes something different to the conversation. You keep doing you, and I’ll keep following along😙

  2. It honestly doesn’t matter if you ramble because this is your private corner of the internet where you can make a difference, which is what I would like to do.

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