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If you work a five day a week type job, when do you know if you are in a bad fit. When you start to get anxiety on Sunday night. That little feeling of dread that the weekend is over and you’re dreading going back to work. There is probably a fine line here unless you are one of the lucky ones who just loves your work and jumps out of bed on Monday morning excited to be finally going back to work.

I was talking with a friend of mine who retired last year. She had it much worse than I did because she’s the type who wanted to be busy all the time. As the work slowed to a trickle, she started going crazier and crazier. It is weird because you would think that getting paid to sit around and do almost nothing might be living the dream but it really isn’t. So she said she started to feel anxious mid Sunday afternoon and it kind of started to ruin her Sundays because she knew the next day meant a return to what had kind of become a prison for her.

Now, she enjoys every day and I’m really understanding what she meant. It rained most of the day yesterday and, in the past, a rainy Sunday would really suck because it was the best day to get out and do something and the rain would eliminate that. There was nothing worse than a bright, sunny Monday after a rainy Sunday. For the record, today is also cloudy and rainy so that wouldn’t have been an issue but the larger point is that it no longer is really a concern because if Sunday is bad, there are still so many other days to do things.

I did get to my new workout place this morning. If you are keeping score at home, that’s visit #3 and I said I just need to get to 10 to make the cost per visit something I can live with. Today I tried to remember all the core stuff they taught me so I could focus on that. One awkward part was getting back to my locker and finding some naked dude in the way. And he was taking his sweet time getting dressed. Seriously, do you enjoy hanging out naked? People. What can you do?

I’m terrible at doing something that I don’t want to do. I’ve always been that way. I’ll find reasons to push it off (I mean there might be a cool You Tube Video to watch). At work, those were the things I’d do right before the deadline. Where I’m going with this is the resume development. My only deadline is what I set and that’s essentially meaningless. I’m just struggling with the whole concept of trying to fluff up your accomplishments and describing myself in glowing and active words. Plus, I’ve got another meeting with my “career coach” on Wednesday and she was pushing to have a draft done. So I decided to force myself to start the process. And now the reward is to ramble on here which I enjoy a lot more than trying to piece together a resume.

And part of the problem is that I really don’t want another full time job but I’m afraid to bring that up because it seems kind of lazy. I mean I’ve still got good working years left. Shouldn’t I be doing something ‘productive’? Yeah but I don’t really want to. And I know I don’t want to work for another place like I just left. So it means some kind of career change which requires pulling out whatever skills I have that might be relevant to whatever new position I want. But is it worth doing that when all I really think I want is some kind of part time gig just to give me something to do from time to time. Yeah, to those of you who are looking for work, I know this does not sound like a problem.

Moving on from that for a bit, I forgot to mention that I got a text from the Work Daughter. Well maybe I did mention it because I sometimes forget what I’ve written about. The job she’s had for less than a year wasn’t doing it for her and she had found another job and they wanted a reference. So I ended up talking with some HR VP from New York on Friday. That was kind of weird call since I’m doing it at home but I think it will all work out for the best. Seemed like they had made an offer so this was just a last check to make sure she had someone who would say nice things about her. And I did.

In the past, job hopping after less than a year might raise some flags but, to be honest, I admire her for making the move. Life is too short to be trapped in a situation that isn’t fulfilling. So I hope this next position works out for her. If not, I’m sure I’ll get a call for a recommendation.

Anyways, I’ve probably rambled enough. I was too lazy to look for any funny pictures so you are stuck with a text only post. Well, I found one to end things with.

Actually not so much anymore!


  1. Dude, if you only want to work part time, you need to tell the career coach now. Otherwise, you’ll be telling that to the career coach when you pay her to help you find yet another job. Besides, if you can afford to just work part time, do you really want to take a full time position away from somebody who NEEDS full time work?
    Just my immediate thoughts in case you needed somebody to convince you to tell the coach you just want part time work😙

    1. The good news is I’m not paying her. All part of the severance package. But I do need to let her know my thoughts since she might have a different approach

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