A Trip to the Gym

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I’ve actually joined a gym. Now, you are probably thinking that this isn’t a big deal since I had joined the fitness center at work and ended up being a pretty regular customer. Even worked with personal trainers for many years. So joining some random gym shouldn’t really be an issue, now should it?

Yeah but I’ve got this super overly self-conscious part of me. Have no idea where this comes from. I’m super introverted and that might play a part. Maybe I’m just an observer of the world and assume everyone else is as well. Probably also a hang over from when I was many pounds heavier and the last place in the world I looked like I should be in was a gym.

Depends on the environment. in my element, I really don’t give a F***. In a new situation, I just assume everyone is looking at me and silently judging.

I did upgrade my home equipment a bit and by that I mean I just got a nicer floor mat so I can do my planks in the privacy of my own home. And I got one of those foam balance pads I had used a couple of times. Good for balance and helps with core which is what a dancer needs. But there is only so much you can replicate at home and I was missing the feeling after a decent work out. Not that I go until complete exhaustion but just something about your muscles feeling a bit tired that says “I did something”.

But back to the gym. Well I ended up selecting a place that is more family friendly figuring that there’d be all ages there. I just have this stereotype vision of the big gyms full of “do you even lift” bros and feeling like I’d stand out as a total poser and imposter. There was a big box gym next to a store we used to go to so I’d see the people coming out and that helped to feed the stereotype.

Nightmare scenario that only happens in my head

And I know one shouldn’t judge. Fellow dance blogger The Thespian is seriously into weights but I suspect he’s a very respectful work out person. At the end of the day, most people are too plugged into their own thing to really notice anyone else but I have a hard time wrapping my head around that.

Anywho, it was nice to see the variety of people in this place. I mean when you’ve got senior citizens going at their own pace, you know you aren’t at the bottom of the barrel. Not that there aren’t some seriously fit senior citizens but it was easy to blend in. Lots of different body shapes as well and some people really don’t seem to have an issue letting it all hang out if you know what I mean. I guess that’s better than being overly self-conscious.

The first moments are a bit awkward because there are all the different machines and I don’t know the layout so I’m walking around looking at everything. That triggers some of the self-conscious radar “Newbie – look at him, he doesn’t have a clue”. Again, this is all in my mind but the mind is strong.

Yeah I can relate to the whole “worst of the best” thing

I will say one thing and that is that having worked with some trainers, I at least knew how a lot of the equipment worked. Nothing better than being able to confidently walk up to some fancy looking thing and adjust the weights and just start banging out a set or two. At least that doesn’t make you look like a poser. Getting the weight right was a bit of a challenge – I tended to underestimate what I could do so the second set was always adding more.

The other reason I picked this place is that they had a summer special going on so the membership runs until the week after Labor Day. I was working the cost out and if I get there 10 times, then I’ve reduced the cost per visit to something that seems reasonable to me. One down and nine to go.

They do offer group classes and I’ve got the schedule. Of course doing a group exercise class is a whole different kettle of fish. I mean there is clearly no place to hide. So let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

Yeah, I don’t think so

So that was my morning. Got double dance lessons tonight where we will hopefully have more West Coast to do. I’ll certainly let you know.


  1. I always work out at home. Saves me time from having to travel to a gym, plus I can take a shower afterward without worrying about awkward guys who like to talk too much while wearing nothing but towels.

    I’ve run into guys like that before. They weird me out.

    1. There was a guy in the locker room today who was dialed in to some kind of conference call and had it on speaker phone. At one point, they did attendance and he had to answer in his towel. Guess they didn’t care where he participated from.

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