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OK, the first part of this is really from Friday but I liked the title. I sat through a webinar on modern day resumes yesterday and all I can say is that I feel for anyone trying to land a job these days. One thing about not really wanting to leave a position is that I hadn’t thought about a resume in many, many years so it was a bit eye opening.

The concept of a resume is kind of silly to begin with. I know it is just a cheap and easy way to screen through people and it is much easier to reject a piece of paper than an actual person. Still how can you truly and effectively capture who you are in one or two sheets of paper? Well you can’t. Then again, that may not even be the main point of a resume since it needs to have some hook that makes the person looking at it want to see who you are.

Of course, in the name of efficiency, most places now automate the resume screening process so we learned all about how to strategically place buzzwords into the document to get past the automated screeners. At the end of the day, you are supposed to think of a resume as marketing material and the product you are selling is you. I guess that’s always been the case but it was interesting and terrifying to hear that.

Self-confidence falls along a spectrum. Some people are full of it (and full of themselves) and can easily tell you all the good they’ve done (or the things they think they can take credit for). Marketing and fluff just comes more natural to them. Others will always sell themselves short even when they have a long list of accomplishments. They’ll focus on the things they think they don’t do well rather than the things they do. There is also the modesty/humility thing that makes it very hard to want to describe yourself in flowery terms. Clearly, the first group has the decided edge in a job search.

It seems kind of silly to make a decision to retire just because I don’t want to go through creating a resume. I have thought a great deal over the last couple of months and I know that I have no interest in going back to some full time corporate gig. If I do anything else, it will be something that has meaning to me. Some of the most rewarding parts of the job were working with people and helping them on their way. Some kind of teaching/tutoring thing seems like something I could do that adds value. But I’m guessing you still need a resume for that so I will plod along trying to describe all the greatness that is me.

The weather turned on us today and we fast forwarded into summer with temps in the mid to upper 80’s. If you like rapidly changing weather, the middle of the country is the place to be. Since it has been rainy and cold the previous two weekends, this was the opportunity to get out and plant a bunch of annuals. Not exactly great weather to be outside digging around but it beats trying to do it in the rain. With the rain, we are behind so there is still more space to fill up with flowers.

I also brought out the summer things we stick in the ground. I guess I should call them wind spinners since I think that is what they are. I love sitting and watching the wind catch them and seeing things spinning around. Don’t know why but it is soothing. Plus two were anniversary or Christmas gifts from my parents so it is a nice reminder of Mom. She loved to give us stuff like that.

Also had to give Rocco a bath. Someday I’ll go through the health issues he’s had over the last several months. Getting old sucks for all of us. But he picked up some kind of bacterial skin infection which lead to small circles of crusty skin and fur falling out. So we got medicated shampoo from the vet and took him outside and scrubbed him down. He’s actually really good about baths – he just stood there and let us do whatever. The only thing that confused him was that the shampoo had to stay on for 10-15 minutes and I don’t think he understood why we were just standing around on the deck with him still on the leash.

And just to share one more little thing, today is our wedding anniversary so we are headed out to a nice dinner later. Fondue is you were curious because there is nothing better than melted cheese except maybe melted chocolate and you get both in one place. 29 years which just sounds like a very long time but it still seems like just a short time ago when we got married. Strange how that works.

OK, that’s enough of that. Got to go feed Rocco because he needs to eat.


  1. Gawd, I was just shocked at what “make resume” entailed. I’m describing the things I did in previous jobs and the job placement specialist is going “that’s management experience” and “inventory management” and all this other buzzword-y crap and it was just surreal🤔

  2. I don’t know if they have this option for your field, but have you considered contract work? In my field, if I wanted to leave my full-time job but still wanted to pick up a paycheck occasionally I could go to a contracting agency in my field and they would offer my services out to companies who wanted projects done that I could help with. Projects usually last no more than three to six months, maybe twelve if you want a longer-term engagement. Once done, I can walk away knowing that I helped someone out with a project, but without having to worry about any long-term baggage from the company since technically I would be an employee of the contracting agency.

    Maybe that could be an option for you to consider. Take on a contract, and when finished you could take a month or two off before going back to the agency and asking them to find you a new contract if you wanted. The pay is a bit less since the contracting agency takes a cut off the top, but since they are reviewing and trying to place you in a contract it takes some of the job-hunt stress off your shoulders.

    1. That’s certainly a possibility. I’m at a point where I’m going to be picky so anything I do is going to have to check a lot of boxes for me.

      1. Understandable. I suggested it though since sometimes a job that sounds good on paper and during an interview doesn’t turn out to be that way once you’ve been there for a week or two. Picking up contract work is something a lot of people I talk to never even consider. If you start looking and you take on some contract to hire engagements, it would give you the option to ‘try before you buy’ so-to-speak, making sure that the job feels right before you sign a real employment contract.

        Something to consider. Good luck! I’m rooting for you. 🙂

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