Out Like a Lion

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Does anybody even say that anymore about March. It seems like I heard that a lot growing up – you know March comes in like a lion because it is still winter but goes out like a lamb as you near spring. For some reason, I thought you could use the reverse and that it meant that if the beginning of March was nice then watch out at the end. But that doesn’t seem to be right.

Anyway, I think the Lion killed and ate the Lamb because tomorrow is the end of March and it is supposed to be cold and windy. Today, it rained all day and then, as the sun went down, my weather app started doing its tones for a alert and I look out and it is freaking snowing. Weirdest thing ever – a random heavy burst of snow that dropped about half an inch in places.

Which is why people in this part of the country make the same joke about the weather. Some version of “if you don’t like the weather, just wait 15 minutes”. Or how you have four seasons in one day. Maybe everyone does that but the jokes seem more popular in this part of the country. I guess you have to joke about it because otherwise you’d just be cursing the random weather gods that decided to bring winter back for an encore.

After tomorrow, things are supposed to be more spring like. Other than a few crocuses, we don’t have a lot of the early bulbs out yet. I know we’ve had years where daffodils have flowered in early March but its just been too cold for that. Kind of like last year where the first couple of weekends in April were cold. Then, everything just kind of cut loose and the bulbs and trees were all in bloom at the same time.

Rainy days are Rocco the wonder dog’s worst enemy. He knows it was Saturday and that is normally park day. But not when it rains. He hates going out in the rain but still wants to go to the park. It is that wonderful dog logic where a ride in the car can transport him to a place where it isn’t raining. Sorry, buddy it doesn’t that way.

I realized that in the past a rainy Saturday like today was somewhat depressing. I mean when you only get two days off of work and essentially lose one to the weather, it can be a little sad. But then I just realized that I don’t have to go to work on Monday so it really doesn’t matter.

There is still some weird emotions going on. Like what am I going to do to pass the time and are we really going to be alright. But there is this weird sense of calm as well. They say you don’t know what you’ve got until its gone. In this case, it would be more like you don’t know what work was doing to you until you no longer have to go. It was much harder than I thought trying to motivate my team with all the crap going on around them. There is a mountain of stress that has just been lifted from me and it feels pretty good.

Well didn’t really have a topic besides the snow but I felt like putting some more stuff out there. Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow. (I know it will but the question will be whether we’ll be able to see it).

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