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Short one today. Well I probably shouldn’t say that at the beginning of a post because you know how I love to ramble.

I showed up at work today to brief the poor guy who inherited all of the work of my team but only one member. So we went over what I knew about what was coming and where he could find information. We talked administrative things that have to get done to manage the equipment we have. It’s a weird thing because he’s been told to not bug us too much because we are supposed to be “transitioning” but they gave us no time to prepare so there are questions that need to be dealt with.

Then I met with two of my friends for lunch. It was actually the first time I’ve seen them since her retirement party back in August. We’ve been in contact through text and email but it is kind of hard to stay in touch face to face when you aren’t coming to the same building day after day.

Now both of them were planning their retirements for quite some time. They had planned to pull the trigger before the first set of downsizings but got talked out of it. After seeing how things were going, they both bailed. But it means they had lots and lots of information on costs and retiree health programs and on and on.

Me, all I had ever really done is to have days where I would think about how nice it would be to not have to go to work again. Well, I did pull up the retiree checklist that work provided and I went to one presentation on our old pension plan. But that’s all I’ve got. I know there is so much more that I need to do but all that feels so adult and I’m kind of in the “I want to dodge responsibility” mode right now.

Ran into another guy at work who was on the out list. He offered whatever help he could and was telling me how much he working his contact list. For me, right now, the thought of trading one set of corporate BS for another just does nothing for me. Maybe I’m just being lazy but I’m just tired of working right now. Really got burned out towards the end and it will just take some time to recover. A lot of my future will depend on our meeting with the financial guy on Wednesday. I want to understand what the future looks like if I don’t find another job. Then, we can go from there.

The funniest thing was in talking to my friends about what to do next and one of them said “you should start a blog”. Err…. Already doing that but of course I don’t share this with the real world. I think she’s thinking some kind of blog taking a satirical view of the corporate world because we used to go off on rants like that when they still worked there. My experience is limited to one but I suspect there are a whole lot of big corporations that are far closer to Dilbert and Office Space than you might believe.

Just for funzies, I did just type “blog as a side hustle into Google”. One hit was five reasons why blogging is a great side hustle and the very next one was five reasons why blogging is a terrible side hustle. Anyway, now this idea is rolling around in my head so who knows.

Well that’s all for today. Tomorrow is still dance lesson day so I should have medal ball results to speak to on my next post. Or I might get bored tomorrow since I’m not working and just write some more random stuff. You just never know.

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