Rumors in the Air

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So the latest is that March 25th is the day that the axe falls. This fits with a few other pieces of information but we won’t know until it happens. There are other clues and things to be looking for and people will be doing that. When upper management is silent, the rumor mill thrives.

This type of instability happens from time to time. When I first started, I had four bosses in my first four years and that was a common occurrence. I never changed jobs, they just kept changing things up. We’ve had several reorgs since – both large and small including the one just 18 months ago. But we also had a long period of relative stability when the group was actually up to over 20 people and we were busy. Sadly, those days are over.

In any event, I do hope they actually make their decisions soon and let us know one way or the other. This kind of hanging around waiting doesn’t really help. This gets into whether it would be better to know or not know. I’m sure upper management thought it would be good to get out in front of it but when you drop a bomb and then go silent, it doesn’t help morale at all.

I’m not going to dwell on this so I’ll keep this brief. It isn’t worth it because the die is already cast – we are just waiting for the reveal. We have a meeting with our financial planner scheduled for the end of March (did that before the rumor came out) so that might be an interesting conversation.

Having taken Thursday off, I’ll be back to dance tonight. Had my work out as well so I’m tired in many places. Dance doesn’t totally erase the stuff going on at work but if I’m focused, then it mostly goes away for the lesson.

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