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Well, we only got a bit of snow and the driveway never got covered so weren’t really snowed in. We did take Rocco the wonder dog out for a walk before the snow started to fly and we went out to get some lunch when it was really coming down. Decided it wasn’t really worth trying to go out again so it still turned into a stay home day.

I know I just got back from vacation and you would think I wouldn’t have needed that so soon but there was a lot of heavy stuff going on last week so a day with no real responsibilities was a good thing. My problem sometimes is that there is this strange feeling of guilt because you should be doing “something” even if you don’t know what that is. But I read two different articles talking about how you shouldn’t feel guilty for taking a little time for yourself.

Its a hard concept to get used to. Sometimes not doing anything is the right thing to do and there is no reason to feel guilty for it. But I am feeling a little bit better than yesterday so now I’ll just give you some random thoughts on the day.

Is there anything that says breakfast better than a fresh brewed pot of coffee? Well sometimes it means breakfast at dinner because we do that as well. But just something about the smell of coffee that always takes me to good places.

We are trying to figure out how Rocco the wonder dog is doing with Dolly being gone. He is acting a little strange but that could have nothing to do with Dolly not being around. It would be nice to be able to know what they are thinking – especially when they just look at you for no real reason. I mean I know when he wants food or to go out but sometimes they just look at you and you wonder what is going on inside their heads.

What do dogs really think of us? I suppose I’m probably giving them too much credit for higher mental powers but they clearly have some level of intelligence. They must know we aren’t dogs. We are the god like creatures that provide them with food and open doors for them and take them for adventures in the car. We also don’t have to go to the bathroom outside. Wonder if that makes them mad when it is rainy or cold.

As I said, we ended up getting about an inch of snow. At one point, the raccoons that live under our deck were out foraging for stuff. We probably shouldn’t feed them but I’ve always had a thing for raccoons so we do. I know they don’t really hibernate but I’m sure late season cold snaps are no fun for them either.

Speaking of cold, didn’t that stupid groundhog promise us an early spring? Then again, “early” isn’t exactly a precise figure. I guess if he sees his shadow, we get six more weeks of winter. So if we only get five weeks of winter, technically, that is “early”. Well we are four weeks and one day past Groundhog Day and it sure as heck isn’t spring here yet.

I read a lot of books over vacation and then ended up with several stacked on my Nook. That happens a lot. I get a book from an author I haven’t tried and, if I like it, I go looking for other books. Plus I watched a movie on the plane (The Darkest Minds). Not really all that great but it left in a cliff hanger situation so I bought the rest of the books to see how it ends.

Then I realized that my choices seem to fall into two genres:

First is the action geopolitical thriller. Think Tom Clancy. Most of these include a hero who is typically ex military and is now working for an intelligence agency. And they go around the world getting into tough situation and getting out of them. Most of these have a high body count but if it is bad guys, then it doesn’t bother me as much. I hate getting invested in a character and having them killed off. I like the ones where the hero is flawed or damaged in some way. Because in the end, they always end up doing the right thing (even if that right thing sometimes involves killing a bad guy).

The second is the YA series. For awhile, dystopian futures like “The Darkest Minds” were all the rage so you had lots of those. Now, they’ve sort of moved into the fantasy realm where the main character is somehow connected to a fallen kingdom or broken realm of some kind. Last one of these I read was Lady Smoke. These are always young female protagonists so I have to get through all the swoony love triangle stuff. Guess that appeals to the target audience. Most of these are stories of underdogs rising up from tough circumstances to find a way to win some great victory. That appeals to me. But also the worlds these authors create are interesting to me. This type of book is pure escapism because I can just try to picture what life would be like in those worlds.

I brought this up because my trainer on Friday asked about my reading preferences when I told her how much I had read on vacation. It just struck me as kind of a strange combination. Now I think I’ll go back and read some more.

So that was my stay at home Sunday and a rambling post just because I felt like writing.

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