Quiet Before the (Snow) Storm

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So Winter has decided to make an appearance. We are under a “Winter Storm Warning” which used to just be called “Snow”. But since we have storm watches and warnings in the summer, we need them for winter storms as well. This one may turn out to be something but you never know. We’ve had enough of these fizzle in the past so we’ll see what happens.

On the chance that it does snow tomorrow and turn the roads into a hellish nightmare of bad drivers, we did our grocery shopping tonight. I kind of expected a mad dash to the stores for panic buying of break and milk which is typically how people respond to storms. The place was crowded but not terribly so but since my workday ends a little earlier than most, we were there around 4 before traffic became terrible.

It really isn’t necessary because even if we get all they predicted, the roads should be clear by Sunday. But it gets it out of the way and it is always nice to knock off those weekend tasks.

I’m kind of hoping it does snow now that we don’t have to go anywhere. Nothing better than sitting inside a warm house and watching the snow come down knowing you have no reason to even try to get out in it. Falling snow is pretty and the first time the world gets blanketed in white can be a little special even for an avowed hater of winter like me.

Snow used to be fun. As a kid, we’d just go out and play and have a great time. Well at least until the snow found your vulnerable spots. There was no good way to keep snow from getting on your wrists where the gloves or mittens ended and the coat began. Even if you had boots, the ankles were another vulnerable spot. And then you’d be wet and cold and it was a matter of trying to tough it out as long as possible. That was before I had to drive in it or shovel in it did I see the bad side of snow.

At work, they had the little vehicles out spreading salt on our roads and sidewalks which was a little odd because tomorrow is Saturday and people aren’t normally working on Saturday. Plus, salt is not an effective weapon against the amount of snow we are supposed to get. An inch or so of snow that doesn’t come down hard can be cleared away by salt. But salt is no match for 5-7 inches of snow when it piles up fast and furiously.

Did have a dance lesson last night. We went over the new Bolero and Fox Trot. OwnerGuy had a student cancel so he came out to walk us through some of the Bolero pieces. That was good but then he started to get on me about what he wanted from the basics which is more rotation and to stay in my toes and try to do some kind of slip pivot to create the rotation. Yep, break is over and it is back to work. We decided to put the new Bolero right at the beginning. The snap spin has a certain amount of flair so let’s just get it right in front of everyone early on.

Group class was hustle and it wasn’t too difficult. There was a man’s hammerlock in there where you are face to face with the lady and you sort of turn your back to her while she walks by you. The step ends with the man’s right hand folded behind his back. They have variations of this type of step in other dances and for both the man and the woman and there is always a bit of risk. Done right, the arm just casually folds behind the back and as long as the lady doesn’t run away, there isn’t a lot of pressure on the shoulder. I didn’t notice anything last night but we did that step multiple times and there were lots of ladies there so I think we rotated through about 8 people. Somewhere in that mix, I must have tweaked something because my shoulder is a little sore today. Ended up staying for most of the party so did lots of dancing last night.

Now I will just wait for the snow. We are supposed to go into a bit of a deep freeze after the snow at least for the first part of the week so it may be hanging around for a bit. We shall see.

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