Sunny and Seasonally Confused

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When you live in a part of the country where you have four distinct seasons, you get to know them all.  How they feel.  How they smell (yes, there are smells distinct to certain seasons).  You get used to what to expect.  But, since weather can be random, sometimes you get a day like today where it was sunny and now sunny/cloudy and temps pushing 60.  Which feels a heck of lot more like an early spring day in April than a day in early December.

I’ve done my share of grumbling about the cold before, but, we kind of have an even distribution of weather.  December, January and February and cold and winterish (today excluded) and when we get the most of our snow.  June, July and August are hot and summerish and when we sometimes get those wonderful days where you can just see the humidity hanging in the air.  People hate those like I hate the really cold days.  To each their own.

Winter usually lingers into March and summer usually stretches through September although you’ll have more days reflecting the transition.  May is usually spring/summerish and the transition is more clear.  November is then fall/winterish.  April and October are wild cards where the fight between summer and winter can be the worst with random summer days becoming cold winter days and the reverse is true.  These are the months where you are most likely to get pure Spring and Fall days but spring and fall are just too random to be predicted.

So you get a day like today where it is more spring like and I think every bone in your body says “GET OUTSIDE”.  Well, at least mine does but I know I’m not alone in feeling this way.  We, of course, took Rocco the wonder dog for his walk and stayed out a little longer because it was so nice.  The problem with days like today is that even though it feels like spring, it is still winter.  On a spring day, you could plant flowers or do some light yardwork but there’s really no point in doing that in winter.  We just had rain yesterday so everything is wet and that limits the places you can walk.  But I suspect the parks will be crowded today as everyone puts off shopping for at least one day.

I did get to rearrange a few Christmas lights and put up some outdoor strings to fill in some gaps.  As luck would have it, we are going to the zoo later this afternoon for a little thing for members and then we’ll hang around to see the lights.  I’ve mentioned before but we get to play local tourist a lot in the winter since there are many Christmas-themed things at local tourist spots.  When they schedule these things, they can’t predict the weather (I think they try to hit dates where the football team is on the road to reduce traffic) but we’ve been to the zoo in less than winter like weather and it is a little odd to have Christmas lights and a bonfire and hot chocolate when you are just in your light jacket (and that is sometimes too hot).  But we’ve been to the zoo in real winter weather and this will be better even though it is likely to bring the crowds out in full force.  Crowds are the worst.

My weather app dinged at me to let me know that we can expect gusty winds later today.  I think the people who run the weather things don’t have enough to do.  Their lonely and this their only way of communicating so we get all kinds of these little messages.  Kind of really wanted to know only if there was some impending disaster I needed to be aware of.  So its going to be windy.  Yeah, that’s not a shock.  Today is unusual and not winter.  Tomorrow is supposed to be more winter like and winter never likes being interrupted so these brief periods of unusual spring/winter always end with a bang and not a whisper.  Winter don’t play games you know.

I know I was going to talk about my last dance lesson but it was kind of uneventful so I couldn’t really come up with anything to say.  Did talk to my trainer on Friday about working on the ankles because we are going to be doing some Bolero with a coach in a week or so and I’ll have to introduce my method for rise and fall.  The lesson was just Rumba and Bolero and it was a good one but not one where I could drag out a significant number of words to describe it.


    1. I know. I hate it when we have a decent morning and I forget that a cold front is moving through so I’m comfortable in the morning and freezing when I leave work.

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