Late, Late Summer

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So we are still having our seasonal confusion as temperatures are into the mid to upper 80s and there is that wonderful humidity in the air.  Somebody once told me during an especially cold spell early in the year that we’d have to make up for it later in the year.  Their logic was that average yearly temperatures don’t change that much so it would all have to even out in the end.

And, I’ve tended to block it from my mind but we have a very cold March and April this year.  I’m pretty sure we got more snow in April than we did in February but I could be wrong about that.  I remember getting back from Disney in early March thinking spring was right around the corner and we kept going around corners and it was never there.

So this could just be nature’s way of balancing the scales.  Or maybe this is the year we have two seasons since I remember it jumped from being cold in April to the 90’s in early May.  If the pattern holds, guess I better be ready for a deep freeze in early November.

There have been all kinds of fall activities around here and we’ve skipped most of them.  Something about the summer like weather that just makes it hard to get into the spirit of fall themed activities.  I think our summer is supposed to end middle of this coming week but we’ll see.  I will say that the one thing that is different is that the sun isn’t out as long and I don’t think there is the opportunity to build up the energy that happens in summer.  So the air conditioning isn’t running constantly like it would if this were the middle of July.  Plus, we were out early in the morning both Saturday and Sunday and it felt different than summer morning.  In the summer, you do get some coolness in the morning but there is usually that haze and you can feel the humidity creeping up so you know it won’t last.  Not sure how to explain it but the mornings just feel different – it isn’t as oppressive.

We had fog this morning and that was cool.  I do love my foggy mornings.

Where we walk the dogs is a grove of trees that tends to lose their leaves earlier than other trees.  Today, we were walking through mostly empty trees which was just wrong given the temperature.  Feels like summer but looks like fall.  Its all very confusing.

Didn’t really have anything else to say.  I will be gearing up for my studio demo on Thursday so stay tuned to read how that turned out.  But now another weekend is near the end and I have to mentally prepare for another work week.

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