Rainy Days and Mondays

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Well it isn’t exactly raining, it’s doing that little drizzle thing which never feels like a lot but it will still get you wet if you stay out long enough.  It is the kind of thing that just makes it feel cold because it is damp and not pleasant.  I’m resisting turning on the heat because (1) I don’t like forced air heat and (2) that would be acknowledging that we are into fall.  Then again, the overpopulation of pumpkin spice themed items is a sign that we are past summer and into fall.

So rather than think about that, I’m just going to ramble on for a bit.  You lucky people!

We had another goodbye lunch today for our contractor who leaves at the end of the week.  We kind of stretch the definition of “contractor” because he’s been there for over ten years.  Its a tough situation because I never could justify bringing him on full time but there was no reason to let him go.  But we all went out to lunch and had a happy/sad time.

I think I ended up having to break it up because I had to run and get some pain medication for my dog.  I saw a headline somewhere that there are places where people are abusing their own dogs to get pain pills from their vet and then taking them instead of giving them to their dogs.  That type of headline bothers me so I never read the story attached to it.  I get the whole addiction thing and that it can make you do crazy stuff but, still, there is a part of me that thinks there is a special place in hell for those who would do that to a dog.

So tomorrow is my first double lesson with JoNY.  Technically is a group class sandwiched between two lessons.  I’m not sure this is really a bright idea since I do have my workout on Tuesday afternoon and then to follow it up with two lessons plus a group.  Might be a “what were you thinking moment”.  We shall see.  The one lesson will just be for us to practice.  In theory, OwnerGuy will join us on the second.

We are a couple of weeks away from the next open house when I get to do a demo with JoNY in front of the studio.  I do miss the performing part of this so it will be good to get back to it.  Its been almost seven months since the medal ball check out I did with Kid T.  I was thinking the other day that if you count this in studio performance with JoNY, I’ve done solos with 8 different instructors (Z, the Statue, the Body Double, 3 of 3, Sunny, Kid T and Mindy in addition to JoNY).  That puts me one up on that old Eagles song “I’ve got seven women on my mind”.  OK, that had nothing to do with anything except the lyric just popped into my head.  Again, this is just my way.

I woke up the other day and my IPhone had updated overnight.  I got to thinking that if some supercomputer at Apple ever becomes sentient, this is how they will take over the world.  Where instead of Siri waiting for you to ask questions, she starts telling you what you should do.  “It’s time to wake up now, Dave”.  “Siri??, I didn’t ask for a wake up call.  Leave me alone”.  “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that”.  Yeah, the machines will eventually run things.  It is only a matter of time.

I saw another story about Amazon introducing things that can be remotely controlled through Alexa.  I think they had a toaster – or maybe it was a microwave, again, I didn’t read too deeply into the article.  There comes a point where just because you can control something remotely, doesn’t mean you need to control it remotely.  A toaster?  That really doesn’t have the “cool” factor, now does it?  Oh, I can make toast from across the room.  Really?  Can the toaster walk over to your bread and put two slices in?  Now that would be something.

I say this and then today we had some outdoor lights installed and there is an app that goes with it.  (Naturally)  The fixtures are bluetooth capable so we can use the app to turn the lights on and off and make them brighter or dimmer.  Plus, they are capable of color so you can dial up a single color or have it cycle through 3 or 7 and the speed of the cycling can be controlled, because of course you need to do that.  I guess it is better than some control panel somewhere.  Anyway, it is my tech so that automatically makes it cooler than a toaster.

OK, I’ve got to go now.  We kind of left dinner in the crock pot and it is still on and my crockpot isn’t remotely controlled so I actually have to get up and turn it off.

Happy Monday everyone.






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