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Yesterday, I’m watching some football and my phone rings.  It’s my Dad.  And he’s calling because he wanted to watch the Packers/Vikings game which should have been on their local Fox station.  But that station is just showing a cartoon so he’s confused and asking why there isn’t a game on Fox or if it is on another channel.

So I do a little search for the station in his area (don’t ask me how I managed to remember the station’s call letters but I just did).  See, the NFL has rules about TV broadcasts.  This week, the national doubleheader was on CBS so Fox could only carry one game.  Where he lives, the NFL assumes everyone cares more about the Lions who were playing at San Francisco later in the afternoon, so Fox did not have a game and he couldn’t see the Packers/Vikings.  There was a game on CBS so he did have some football to watch.

This is not the first call like this I’ve received since Mom has been gone.  I can’t really blame him.  With his vision problems, he can’t see to read the paper anymore so he really doesn’t have a way of figuring stuff like that out.  We talked for a little bit about various things.  Sounds like he was kind of missing Mom that day and just wanted to talk to someone for a bit.  That and figure out why he couldn’t see the football game he wanted to.

So we are having a bit of seasonal confusion here.  I know that technically it is still summer but fall should be making an appearance soon.  I mean there are leaves falling and summer annuals that are fading and there is a lot less sunlight than mid summer so we know it is on the way.  But it was in the upper 80’s to low 90’s this weekend and is supposed to be in the mid to upper 80’s all week.

Friend of mine at work was telling me he took his kids apple picking this weekend thinking it was going to be a cool fall weekend but instead they were sweating in the heat.  One redeeming quality about fall is apple cider from the orchard – I don’t know if that’s a midwest thing or not, but, for some reason, it doesn’t feel like cider weather when it is in the 80’s.  Kind of silly because cider is cold and you could certainly drink it when its this hot but it feels oddly out of place.

Since I didn’t have a lesson tonight, we took Rocco the wonder dog to the park.  I will say one other thing that is kind of nice about losing daylight is that it starts to cool off earlier in the day.  We were walking in the shade and it was actually quite pleasant even with the humidity being up.  Still too hot for Rocco though – he prefers much colder weather.

When we finished the walk and got to my car in the shade, the external temperature sensor said it was 83 degrees.  We had to make a stop at the pet store so I ended up on the highway with no shade and multiple lanes of heat reflecting blacktop towards the end of rush hour so lots of cars going over the road and my temperature sensor said it was now 91 degrees.  Same thing when we got to the pet store – walking across the parking lot to the store was much more uncomfortable than walking in the woods.  Guess that’s not really shocking but it was kind of interesting to me how much of a difference it made.

Then we made one last stop for coffee.  There are times when we just load Rocco into the car and take him with us to get coffee.  So if we don’t get a walk, at least he gets a car ride.  He’s never really sure about the people working the drive through.  Sometimes, he go to that side of the car and look in.  Other times, he’ll just ignore them focusing on something more important on the other side of the car.  We never know what he’s looking at but its important to him.

Well that’s the highlights of yesterday and today.  Yeah, my normal life isn’t very exciting.


    1. Of course, I keep hearing how the discussion would have gone if Mom were still around.
      D: “Hey, why isn’t the Packers game on Fox”
      M: “I don’t know. Maybe it is on a different channel”
      D: “NO! Fox always carries the Packers. It can’t be on another channel”
      M: “Have you tried CBS?”
      D: ‘grumbles but tries’ “No they have the Steeler game. Come see if you can find it”
      M: (sighs) “OK” Flips some channels loudly calling off what’s on each and then finally saying “It just isn’t being covered”
      D: “Well, why not?”
      M: “I DON’T KNOW” Storms off into another room.
      D: “Well I guess I just watch the Steelers”

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