No Trip for Me

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Well the long story short is that my boss didn’t fully understand my reasons but he was going to respect them this time.  I think it was the part about cost cutting and why we can justify sending all these people to a meeting like this.  We came to an understanding that if there are opportunities to have actual work discussions, then I’m going to go.  But I’m going to skip these fluffy things for now.

It is what it is.  I got out of that stupid workshop which I wanted no part in so that’s something.  I’ll cross the next bridge when I come to it.

He said something interesting about our team meeting in August.  There was one part where they wanted us to give feedback to each other ( I guess this is a popular thing in their part of the world).  I said I wasn’t comfortable doing that.  After I spoke up, a couple of other people said the same thing.  He said he appreciated that and that it did show courage for me to speak up.

Then, he said something to the effect that nothing like that had happened at the his lead team meeting and that maybe it should have.  Well, you see, the way I figure it, there aren’t any other INFP’s in those lead teams.  We are the ones who are quiet until you push against a value we hold deeply and then we fight back.  Plus, at least for me, I’m not career driven so I don’t need to go along to get along to further my career because I just don’t care that much about it.

So in my next post, I can put work behind me for a bit and talk about more pleasant topics.  I’ve got a lesson tonight and I’m not sure what we are working on.  But Tuesday is also my workout day with the young trainer and it is freaking humid so I really haven’t been able to effectively cool down since the workout.  Probably going to make for another sweaty lesson.  Sigh.

My trainer tried a few new things today.  He likes to amp it up from time to time to see if I can take it.  Did this weird ball slam thing where I started in a small squat and then stood up and tossed the ball straight up in the air.  Then I had to catch it and immediately slam it on the ground.  All while keeping my arms extended.  And it was a 14 pound ball for what that’s worth.  It is kind of funny to me because you hear “medicine ball” and I instantly thing of some old school exercise but it is still in use today.  Funny how old tech  sometimes sticks around.

Then, he had me do a high row with a band around my wrists so when I did the row motion, there was resistance trying to force my arms back together.  He wanted me to do some assisted sit ups but my lower back was a little tight so we settled for some fun crunches.  I’m leaving out a couple but he changed it up to do fewer exercises but more reps of each one.  My shoulders are super tired right now and I have to go to dance and try and hold my frame.  Why I keep doing this to myself is beyond me.

So that’s all for now.  Trip is off and my anxiety level is down a bit.

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