A Case of the Mondays

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So I get done with work and I’m looking forward to a light Monday night.  Maybe take Rocco for a walk presuming the rain stops.  I know I have laundry to do and have to get the trash down but that’s it.

Well my car had other ideas.  Have no idea what I hit or when but I’m driving home and the “flat tire” light comes on.  First, I’m thinking this isn’t real because those sensors malfunction all the time.  But, no, the tire pressure reading is falling fast.  I stop for a minute and I can hear the air escaping from my tire.

I probably made the wrong decision but I figured waiting for a tow or attempting to put on the spare was just going to be time wasted and the dealership wasn’t far so, what the heck, just turn around and head there.  That pretty much sealed the fate of that tire by the way.  Not sure it was going to be recoverable anyway given there had to be a pretty large gash causing all the air to escape rather quickly.

My car has nearly 100000 miles on it (I hate buying cars so I avoid it at all costs) and it has been reliable.  But it has this nasty habit of coming up with problems right before I’m due to go out of town.  Can’t really blame the car since I must have hit something so maybe it is just the universe wanting to throw a wrench into my plans.  Had a different issue back in June right before we were due to drive up to see my Dad.

So I’m going through all these scenarios in my head.  What if they don’t have the tire in stock?  Do I have to bring it back tomorrow?  I’ve got a doctor’s appointment tomorrow – do I have to cancel.  What if they can’t get a tire for a couple of days.  I guess I could drive around on the spare but I have to get the dogs situated before we leave.  The good news is they had plenty of tires so I just needed to wait for it to be fixed.  This was one of those times I’m glad I get in just after Starbucks opens and I leave in the middle of the PM because dealing with this in evening rush would have sucked.  I did catch some traffic on the way home but it wasn’t as terrible as I thought.

Then, I put my clothes in the washer and forgot to start it.  So about 30 minutes later, the washer is still dark and the clothes are dry and I’m thinking “I didn’t hear a signal”.  Guess my mind was still a little occupied.

I don’t know how you handle this kind of stuff but I don’t deal with it all that well.  I mean I can deal with it in the moment and I don’t really freak out that much.  It is just running all the scenarios through my head and the uncertainty about what is going to happen kind of wears me out.  So I’m kind of writing this just to help relax a bit.

Don’t have as much time as I originally planned but everything got taken care of and I’ve still got some time to myself.  Happy Monday!

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  1. The little shit like that? Over. Whelms. Me.

    Like, seriously, if a natural disaster struck, I would totally not freak out. But let Sunshine leave mustache hairs in the sink or me forget to start the coffeepot…

    The sky is falling and the wolves are at the door and everything is useless and it’s the #endofdays LOL

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