Same Room, Different Reason

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Tomorrow we have the first day of an offsite multi-day team building event.  Also called a kick off meeting.  It is all in the spirit of giving our new team a good starting point as we all unite for the common good of the company.  And we are paying a change person good money to come help facilitate/cheerlead the meeting so we are all on board and ready to embrace change.  Yeah, Dilbert is never too far from the truth when it comes to corporate life.  So I’ll will have to suck it up for those days and pretend to be interested and not lost in dreams of being able to just walk out and never look back.

But the funny thing is that the meeting room is one I think I’m familiar with.  We’ve had a Showcase at this same place and the ballroom is just across the hall from our meeting rooms and I’m pretty sure that we used the meeting room as a changing room.  Kind of coincidental don’t you think?  Maybe some left over dance vibes will help me get through it.

I was looking at the map to the conference rooms online and I was flashing back to walking those same steps carrying my various dance outfits and I guess it hit me that I miss doing Showcases.  Well I’ve only missed the one so it isn’t like I’ve been absent for a long period of time but now I am starting to get that feeling of wanting to get back in the game.

There are some things I have to work out in my head first.  I’m still a little unsure about going to any even with JoNY.  We aren’t really yet in sync as a partnership which would make it rough.  Especially if things hold true to form and I’m out there with Z and OwnerGuy and their advanced students.  I know our paths are all different and I’m not competing against anyone but there is still a part of me that doesn’t want that comparison.

I missed the last Showcase so I don’t know how much, if any JoNY participated.  Up until now, I don’t think she’s had many solo students so I don’t know if she’s ever done one of these events as well.  Certainly she hasn’t done the number of heats I typically do and that creates another dynamic as well.

Then again, if I wait until things are perfect, then I’ll never do another one of these Showcases.  And, to be honest, you only learn by doing.  OwnerGuy and Z are all about getting on the floor as soon as possible to “battle test” the various routines.  There is some truth to that.

Probably comes down to lowering expectations and taking the pressure off.  Treating this like a learning opportunity (albeit a somewhat expensive learning opportunity).  But an opportunity to get out of the studio and dance “for real”.  Even though I won’t have a solo routine which is what I enjoy, there is still value in doing some heats.  After all, if I’m serious about continuing at the Famous Franchise, then I might as well see how Showcase works with JoNY.  Got to do it sooner or later so why not sooner.

Its an idea right now.  I think there is a reason why this meeting was scheduled here.  And that is to remind me that I enjoy this stuff and I need to get back to it even if I don’t feel 100% ready.  I need to talk with OwnerGuy on Thursday about making it a real plan.  Now, I have something to really dream about over the next couple of days while someone drones on about teamwork and missions and blah, blah blah.

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