Not So Invisible

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Got an interesting comment the other day which I think briefly ended up here.  It was from a former instructor who worked at a Famous Franchise in the general area.  They didn’t identify themselves but I’m sure I would know who it was if they didn’t.  Or I might just recognize them.  Its hard to say.  Depends on how long they were there and other factors.

Anyway, they knew it was me behind this here blog.  And they let me know that for sure Z and OwnerGuy were aware of the existence of this blog.  Turns out that an instructor at another location (and I believe I know which one based on the description), was a reader and figured out from the clues I left.  Well, they weren’t so much clues as descriptions of the various routines I’ve done.  Since I described them in great detail, it probably wasn’t hard to connect the dots.

As they said, the dance world is small.  I just didn’t know how small.  I’m thinking the mistake I made was the limited number of dance blogs.  I didn’t stop to consider that there are more people reading than actually writing.  After all, I was reading a few before I decided to start my own.  Oh, and the number of people who actually comment on a blog is small as well.

To be fair, I did look at my stats from time to time and the number of readers on any particular post wasn’t that large.  I just naturally assumed that most of them were other members of the village.  And once you factored that in, it just seemed like the probability of someone figuring it out was small.  At least that’s what I told myself anyway.

So what does this mean?

Well, I’m not going to start signing my real name to this or really start telling people at the studio to go read my blog.  Not quite ready to come out from behind the curtain.

And, I’m going to keep writing about my lessons.  You may have noticed the one post with the password.  Just thought I’d give that a shot.  It was a long post with a lot of dance notes and I figured it would probably bore people so it might be something that could be limited access.  Then, I realized there was no good way to get the password to anyone so I just took that one behind the curtain.  I’ll keep things like that for my records while giving you stuff like this.

And so it goes.


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