Going Crazy from the Heat

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In my neck of the woods, the weather is a constant source of complaints and displeasure because it varies so much and we can get both hold and cold so there is always something for someone to be upset about.  Right now, we’ve had a few days in a row with temperatures well above average.  And, unlike certain parts of the country, this ain’t a dry heat.  These are the days when you walk outside and the hotness just hits you like a 2×4 across the face.

So I may be a little heat crazed and this post could go in strange directions.

I’m trying to learn not to complain as much about the weather because, when you think about it, it is kind of out of our hands.  In the short term, complaining may make you feel good but, in the long run, it just leaves you more empty.  I mean if you started complaining on Friday about how hot it was, then it only got worse over the weekend and today so you’d probably be feeling pretty frustrated and powerless right now.

Having said that, I will cut people some slack.  I don’t know the actual divide but we’ve got people like me who hate the cold and those who for some unexplained reason hate the heat.  If you are complaining about temps in the low 80’s, then you better move to Alaska because you are going to see that every year here.  But, when you top 90 and bring the humidity, then it is pretty miserable outside and it is hard to tell someone not to complain.

Since I’m up early for work and on weekends, I’m usually out either before sunrise or right after sunrise.  At that time of the day, the air is deceptive.  It feels somewhat cool but you know it is just a false front because once the sun gets up the sky, the temps start climbing pretty rapidly and by mid morning it is already to a point where going outside for any length of time is basically a guaranteed sweat fest.

I do love even the extreme heat and humidity in very short doses though so I’ll pop out from time to time just to experience it.  I will say that make the AC feel more comfortable when you come back inside.

It creates some problems for our dogs – well at least Rocco the wonder dog who is the only one we can still take for walks.  He just assumes that if we are home, then we are taking him to the park.  Even when the first walk in the morning wears him out because it is so hot.  He’ll still come bouncing up even after I let him out and he sees just how hot it is.  Dog logic and all.  But we do have a spot that is shaded in the early evening and it has a water fountain with a basin at the bottom for easy access for our canine friends.  Despite the heat, we will probably venture out there in the next hour or so.

I think I’ve mentioned before (I should probably stop saying that since most of my blog is now not visible) that I can be something of a weather geek.  Yeah, I’m the guy who would sometimes have the Weather Channel on just to pass the time.  So, naturally, I’ve got multiple weather apps on my phone that all ping when there is some announcement about impending bad weather.  The problem is that I think the powers that be just have created so many categories of bad things that the phone pings almost every day.  Like yesterday when it told me there was a “Heat Advisory”.  Seriously?!?  I mean I want to be pinged if there is a strong thunderstorm or tornado headed my way.  If I want to know that its hot, I can just step outside.  So what, if there isn’t a “Heat Advisory”, I’m not smart enough to know that it’s hot and I need to be concerned about heat related maladies.

Funny thing was is that our company had an outing last night.  There is a local tourist attraction that attempts to recreate life back in the early to mid 1800’s complete with actors in period costumes.  Our symphony plays on certain weekend nights in the summer and I guess they booked the whole place for us on Sunday night.  Some days, it is nice to work for a big company.

Well, the ironic thing is that we are all touring the prairie town before the concert and it is hot and humid and there is no breeze to speak of.  So there are many sweaty people walking around in shorts and t-shirts and as few layers as possible and walking by these actors in period costumes who didn’t seem as impacted.  (I’m sure they were hot but they just didn’t look as bad as some of us).

See, we all managed to survive without air conditioning.  And there was a lot of outdoor work going on since most places had a farm or garden since you couldn’t just hop in the air conditioned car and drive to the air conditioned grocery store for supplies.  I’m sure it got hot back then as well but they all seemed to make it through.  Then again, maybe not since they didn’t keep good records and we don’t know how many people died from heat stroke.  Plus, they didn’t live as long anyway so they were dying from other things.  But, the point is they could probably take the heat better than we can now.  That doesn’t mean I’m going to give up my AC though.

Oh and they had an animal encounters barn where you could see the various farm animals.  It was hot but I got to pet a young cow because, you know, cows.

While we sitting for the concert, there were lots of little kids running around totally oblivious to the heat.  Where were the parents?  Didn’t they know there was a HEAT ADVISORY??  So where does all that energy go when you grow up?  How were these kids able to run and play in the heat while all the adults were fighting for shade and fanning themselves with clean plates from the dinner they served?

That’s another thing about kids, they were having fun running.  Fast forward many years and it loses a lot of its appeal.  Exercise in general can become more work than fun.  Heck, they had no problem running around for 45 minutes.  I start checking my watch after 15 minutes on the stationary bike.  Like, I’m thinking, is this over yet?

I do love my music when I’m doing the bike or treadmill because, otherwise it is frightfully boring.  They always have music at the Fitness Center but it may not be something I can jam to so I bring my own.  So do you have any music you’d be embarrassed to admit you own?  Not talking about some artist you might have listened to as a teen but something you’ve recently purchased?

Yeah, that’s where I’m going now.  See, I just want something with a good strong beat that kind of keeps me pumped up.  Back in the day, I was never a fan of the “boy bands”.  Then, I listened to “Larger than Life” by the Backstreet Boys again and, say what you will, its a catchy little tune.  My problem is keeping from singing (I’ll sing along to most anything).  It wouldn’t look good to be singing along to a Backstreet Boys song with all the other manly man pumping the iron.  We’ll keep that one between us.

Told you the heat was getting to me.

On the other hand, you simply can’t deny the beat!  Cheesy video though.


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