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At work, we have a cluster of buildings which they call our “campus”.  Not really sure why all corporations with a cluster of buildings choose to call their space a campus.  Maybe they want us to feel like we’re still in college except if you were walking to class and found something better to do, you could always just blow off class.  Can’t really do that too much at work – they’d frown upon a bunch of people tossing a frisbee and missing all the important meetings.

Well, before I got sidetracked (could be one of those posts), I was going to say that I just got hit with a big wave of happy feelings.  Now, that’s not to say that I was moping around in a funk before but the feelings just intensified.  Happens from time to time when things get dialed up to 11.  Speaking of that, I liked Spinal Tap as a movie but I never really saw it as the outrageously funny thing that a lot of people did.

I do love this time of year though.  We suffered through a colder than normal March followed by a colder than normal April so to just get some seasonal weather has been great.  This morning was one of those great mornings where the humidity had cleared out and the air was cool.  There was sun on my walk but in the shade it was pleasant.

You’ve got all the trees and bushes and grasses.  My allergies don’t like them but it just creates a wonderful array of greens.  We’ve been able to get Rocco the Wonder Dog to the park on most days since it is lighter later and so we’ve had more time to be out enjoying the weather.  Mentioned before that the birds are out and singing like crazy so you get a concert with every walk in the woods.

Our farmer’s market opened up at the beginning of May.  In this part of the country, there isn’t much to pick from just yet.  It is mostly salad greens and spinach and other leafy greens that like colder weather and grow quickly.  Still, it is nice to have a selection of fresh and local stuff.  We tend to plan our menus around what’s available at the market.  Which I think would be a trip to anyone listening to us since the menu changes about 7-8 times as we see different things at different booths.

I don’t know, there is just something nice about supporting locals.  One of the guys is an urban farmer and he’s been able to expand his offerings as more and more people take advantage of the market.  We’ve been shopping there for a few years so we know a lot of the people and you can stop and chat although I can end up feeling guilty because you want to buy from everyone.  We’ve got a few Amish farmers as well so we can buy fresh eggs and cheese.  Normally, I’m not one for crowds but the vibe at these markets is just different and it is always fun to walk through and see what people have to offer.

Plus, this weekend is Memorial Day and I took Friday off so I’ve got a four day weekend.  There is something nice about a four day weekend.  You get to the end of Saturday night and you’ve still got a whole weekend left.  And, Memorial Day is the typical start of summer and that means more things to look forward to.

And, I have no idea if this was related to the wave of good feeling (I kind of like to think that it was), but after I got back to my office, I got an IM from the Work Daughter.  She is coming back to town with the future husband this weekend and wanted to know if I had time to see them both.  She’s silly that way.  She acts like it is an imposition when she asks if we can get together.  I’m going to have to reign in my surrogate father feelings because I seriously feel like quizzing the heck out of this guy but I’ll be cool.

So it was a good day.

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