The Year Without a Spring

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The gods of winter have conspired to play an evil trick on this part of the world.  We had some cold snaps in true winter but we were a little light on the snow and ice.  The one cold stretch after Christmas was a little brutal but you come to expect cold weather in December and January.  As winters go, it wasn’t a total suck fest.

But we hit March and winter just won’t let go.  Normally, we get a few days in March where you get some warm air and winds from the south and it gives you the hope for better days.  We may have had a day or two like that but most of the month was just a continuation of cold wind and cold air sweeping down from the north.  The kind of air that stings when it hits skin.  OK, if you force me to admit it, the actual temperatures were certainly warmer than January but that is no consolation when the air bites.  For the month, we were significantly below the average.  And, while we had some nice days towards the end of the month, the were accompanied by rain.

Oh, and lets not forget the snow.  It was like nature had just been storing up snow all winter and decided to just drop it all on us when we were expecting spring.  Now, I know that those on the east coast have been much worse off so I’m not going to complain too much about the snow because the one good thing about snow this time of year is that it doesn’t last.

Then, we get to April and winter still refuses to go quietly into the night.  On Easter, we went to a place where they’ve planted thousands of spring bulbs but there just wasn’t a lot to see.  We’ve had years where the daffodils were up in February and long gone by April.  This year, things are just getting started so everything is so far behind.  Oh, yeah, it decided to snow on Sunday night.  Yes, we are not in the sun belt, but measurable snow in April isn’t a common thing here.  It did all disappear the next day and we finally had a spring like day yesterday but all it did was rain all day and then a front came through and knocked the temperatures back down.  It was like winter was just smacking spring out the way because it wants another shot at us.

Oh and the forecast also calls for measurable snow this weekend.

I posted this on my Facebook page and it seems appropriate to do it here as well.   Let’s just say this is not really helping my mood that much.  Winter, your time it up.  It is time for you to go away.




  1. Forecast for Saturday night ?? A “possible” 3-6″ of wet, sloppy stuff to start off the month. Let’s just hope it turns out to be Mother Nature’s idea of a belated and very lame April Fool’s prank …

    1. We’ve got a chance for some snow as well Friday night into Saturday. And we’ve got a place in town having an International Day of Flowers celebration on Saturday. Hope they’ll be able to see the flowers through the snow.

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