When Worlds Collide

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I may have mentioned this before but work me has a management position.  Not high up of course but enough so that I do spend most of my day making decisions.  Work me comes across as very self-confident – some have suggested the self-confidence borders on arrogance.  I do have to admit that work me does not suffer fools very well.  In contrast, as you know if you’ve read most my other posts, dance me is a bundle of insecurities capable of being reduced to a state of near depression by a single word or how something is stated.  Somewhat pathetic I know but, as they say, recognizing a problem is the first step to solving it.

I have a very talented staff but some of them suffer from a real lack of confidence.  Today, I got a question from one of them.  Yes, I know that a good manager is not supposed to answer everything and I work at that but I try to first answer with an explanation of the logic hoping that will allow them to deal with future similar situations.  Anyway, after answering the question, the response was “Good, that’s what I was thinking”.   Which prompted me to say “Well why did you ask – why didn’t you trust your instincts.”  That then lead me into an impromptu pep talk where I started to talk about that fact that this person knew what they were doing and that they really needed to just trust themselves a little more and that they needed to have some confidence in their own abilities.

As I’m saying this, some little switch in my head flips and work me says to dance me “You know that also applies to you”.  Dance me tries to come up with some lame excuse like “but our situation is different” and then work me says that is just a load of you know what and that it is the same.  And that dance me has received so much positive feedback from so many sources that dance me shouldn’t be so focused on the negative.    About then, I realized that work me would just love to slap the sh** out of dance me.   I explained some of what was going on inside my head to the person I was speaking with.  They thought it would make me more sympathetic to their problems.  I choose not to say what I really felt which is that no it just made me realize that dance me can be quite a pain in the ass at times and really just needs to drop the whole pathetic attitude.

At this point, I’m hoping work me pushes dance me out of the car on the drive over to my lesson tonight.  We’ll see how it goes.

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