The One Year Anniversary

Had a little symbol pop up from Word Press telling me that today was my one-year anniversary.  Thought it was worth commemorating in some fashion so here are some random thoughts.

According to the stats, I’ve published 180 posts in that year or about one every other day.  Who knew I’d be this chatty?  I started out with the idea of writing about a variety of topics but quickly decided to devote most of my energies to ballroom dancing.  A year ago, I was getting ready for my first real dance event and something in me decided I needed to record my experiences leading up to that event.  Never had any real illusions or plans and didn’t even know if anyone would even bother to read, but, as you might say “If you write it, they will come”.

I stumbled into a small collection of like-minded people and am now part of a virtual village which is weird for me since I’m usually not much of a joiner but I do find it easier to be more social in this venue.  The village has shown me that many of my problems are shared by others and it is comforting to know that I’m not a lone voice in the wilderness struggling to find my way through the ups and downs of this hobby/obsession.  I’ve found great value in using this to sort out my feelings and to vent from time to time.  I think it has helped in some way as I’d like to believe my freak outs are fewer and of shorter duration than they were when I started.

I think I’ve succeeded in entertaining some of you from time to time which isn’t necessary the main goal of this but it is nice to see the little “like” button light up from time to time.  (That is another strange reality of this because I started out not really expecting anyone to care but I’ve generated a few followers so now part of me wants this to be something people enjoy reading)

Anyway, just thought it was worth acknowledging that I’ve officially been doing this for one year.  I haven’t gotten bored yet so I’m not going anywhere.  I hope that someday that I will learn to be confident in my own abilities and that I will learn to keep my freaking head up and I will use this to track my progress on that journey.  You are all welcome to continue following that journey right here on this very channel.  For those who have offered feedback and support, I do thank you for it.

That’s all.

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