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I’m going to try to avoid sounding like a broken record but it is amazing to me how much I’m enjoying exercising early in the morning. Maybe because I’ve always been a morning person. Maybe it is whatever endorphins are supposed to be (why does that sort of sound like dolphins to me). Maybe it is just doing something that I know is good for me and then coming back home with almost the entire day in front of me to do with whatever I please.

Shoot, if I had know it was going to be this much fun, I would have retired years ago. (Well there was that little money thing that would have been a problem)

I’m not one who like to look back and say “if only”. I mean there is no rewind button on life and you life with the choices that you make. Thinking of things you should have done just leads to regrets and you really should just be living in the present and enjoying life to its fullest. Hard sometimes but if you can do that, then the choices made in the past aren’t important.

So maybe this is just advice but what I’ve learned is that too many times we let fears or other things keep us from doing things and we miss out on opportunities.

My wife and I drove by that first Famous Franchise studio so many times talking about trying ballroom dancing but never went in. I could give you all the excuses I’ve heard from so many other people. “I can’t dance” “I have no rhythm” and the things that people don’t say “I’m afraid I’m going to look silly” and “I’m afraid people are going to laugh at me”.

Well, I can dance and you can learn to hear the beats in music so you do have rhythm. Yes, as you are first learning something, you may look a little silly but it doesn’t matter because nobody is going to laugh at you. I almost didn’t go with my wife after she had finally booked the lesson. That would have been the worst mistake in my life.

I avoided gyms all my life. It was only after I managed to lose a lot of weight on my own that I thought I looked like I might belong in one. Between the gym and the dancing, I’m healthier now than I was earlier in my life. And I’m certainly significantly happier.

OK, I’ll get off the soapbox here since that’s not really my style. Now some completely random observations of things that have been rolling around in my head.

I get these credit card bills and they blur most of my account number which is supposed to be a safety and security measure. But then they ask me to write my account number on my check ?!?! Is my outgoing mail more secure than what you send to me? And by not putting the number on the bill, I’d have to dig out my credit card to find the number. That’s too much work. If you don’t want to provide it, I’m not going to put in on my check. Deal with it! (So far it hasn’t been a problem)

At this time of year, one of my bigger decisions is whether to make more hummingbird nectar. The males have vacated the premises but the females are all over the feeders. I know that at some point, they’ll just up and disappear. Ideally, I’d be using the last of the nectar right before they leave. Worst case, I end up with a big jar of sugar water that has to get tossed out. Yes, I know this isn’t really a big decision.

I am amazed by hummingbirds. Well all birds that migrate but hummingbirds in particular because they are just so small. I just think of this little tiny bird flying over a thousand miles through and it is pretty impressive. I know they come north to breed and to spread out and reach more food sources but if they can all survive in a smaller space during the winter, why do they need to come north at all? I’m not complaining because they make me happy.

Tonight I’ve got my double dance lesson. I didn’t really talk about the last lesson because things were kind of “off”. OwnerGuy is still finishing the choreography on the Fox Trot so we tried to work on the small part he came up with but I don’t think JoNY had it all down so we were just kind of stumbling through hoping for the best.

Hopefully, tonight will go better. And with that, I will go find something else to do.

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