Mother’s Day Revisit

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Through Facebook, I chatted with my siblings on Saturday.  Well, what I mean is that I posted something and they commented which made it clear we were all struggling just a bit with the first Mother’s Day without Mom.

As my younger brother put it, “there were too many ads”.  Which is just the way of our consumer world.  Never let a buying opportunity go to waste.  I kind of hate all of that because it is almost like it is shaming you into buying something.  I mean what kind of lowlife doesn’t get his or her Mom something for Mother’s Day.  Especially with all the stuff on display.  It isn’t like you could claim you forgot.

My older brother was like me in that he also typically sent flowers.  I think he used the same florist year after year and had set up a reminder which is great until some computer system at the florist spits out an email telling you to make sure you don’t forget Mom (but using her name rather than Mom).  I think he sent them a reply to get taken off the list.  It is kind of like Facebook bringing back posts from years ago and sometimes picking ones that are sad just because they got a lot of feedback.  Can’t blame the florists as they had no way of knowing.  It is just a side effect of the digital era with these little land mines popping up from time to time.

My sister used to send her e-cards with a cat theme.  She said she didn’t have the heart to cancel the account just yet.  Can’t really send an e-card to Dad because he doesn’t use the computer so there really isn’t a need for her to keep it.  But I can certainly relate to keeping the account.  Some things you just want to hang on to for a little while longer.

I ended up calling Dad yesterday.  Figured he might be feeling some of the same things we were.  He was watching baseball with all the cats sleeping around him.  He told me that the helper who comes around set up the hummingbird and oriole feeders that Mom used to put up.  That’s just another one of those little things that you don’t think about but it was nice because the birds have been conditioned to stop by and it may give him something else to look at or at least hear around the house.

It certainly was a different Mother’s Day.



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