From the Back to the Middle

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Last night’s dance was Fox Trot.  I’m not really sure what to write anymore because I’m afraid these lessons are all following a similar path.  OwnerGuy makes some changes to my existing routine.  I try to dance with JoNY.  OwnerGuy steps in to make a few critiques.  We try again.  He dances it with her to show me what he’s looking for.  We try again.  We move on to the next piece.  The first time we try the whole thing, we get about 75% of the way through.  Then, we try again, and manage to get a rough version of the dance done.

It is still a little early to determine if this is going to be an effective long term solution.  I know that JoNY and I are struggling but I see OwnerGuy lead her through the steps with fewer problems.  Of course, he’s OwnerGuy and he knows a little more about the whole lead/follow thing.  Clearly we need three things to happen:

  1. I need to improve my leading skills.
  2. JoNY needs more experience with these steps.
  3. We need to get used to each other.

I should stop here for a bit and make it clear that I’m haven’t torn myself completely down.  I do have some leading ability.  But it is something that needs improvement.  Kid T knew the steps and, while she would give me pointers on lead/follow, it was easier for her to compensate for what I was missing.  JoNY can’t do that yet and so it puts more onus on me to figure out how to better lead things.

And that’s not a bad thing.  It has pushed things back to where they don’t feel so great but some of that is also that we are both learning new choreography.  A lot of the routines are the same steps that I did with Kid T but OwnerGuy has them in a different order.  And he’s adding a few steps that he likes better.  So I’m fighting my muscle memory as well as trying to implement the things he’s teaching me.

For example, he wants more feather finishes in spots where I wasn’t doing them before.  He threatened to start screaming “feather” at all those points just to remind me.  But this is one other place where OwnerGuy’s experience is helping because he has an idea of what dance people are going to be looking for so he wants to incorporate more of that in what I do.

Z was out last night and there are no other instructors so the good news was we had the floor to ourselves.  My lesson was right before group class so people were trickling in and getting ready for group and we were the only show in town.  So we had an audience towards the end.

I was prepared to skip group class since it was Salsa and I thought the class had an even ratio of men to women but a lady came in a little late so I stuck around.  Again, with Z being out, they couldn’t do levels so they just tossed everyone into the same group and OwnerGuy lead us through some basic Salsa stuff.  What was nice about that was getting to dance with students I don’t normally have a chance to dance with.

And I hung around for most of the party.  I ended up having to leave because my knee decided to act up a bit so I had to go home and ice it.  I didn’t get a chance to try anything with JoNY because there were several new students there so she was busy.  But I rotated through three ladies and danced most of what I do.

So there is still dancing going on.  Not with the same level of intensity but I’m actually enjoying having some evenings to myself.



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