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So the one who commented fired back at my T-H-I-N-K picture with a point by point rebuttal of why the comment fit the various categories.  In their mind, I needed to hear some hard truth.  But their truth was defined from their perspective and filters which doesn’t necessarily make it real truth.  More like an opinion.

The problem for me was that one of the hard truths asked the question why am I spending my hard earned money at the Famous Franchise when JoNY does not have the experience.  To them, it made ZERO sense.  And so this was to be a swift kick in my posterior to do something better with my time and money.

One minor correction that may not have been clear but the lessons are really being taught by OwnerGuy. JoNY is just the stunt double.

I guess I would ask why are you so concerned about how I spend my money.  I don’t know you.  At least I don’t think I do.  So why in the world would it matter to you how some random guy on the intranet who you’ve never met and don’t know chooses to spend his money?

The fact that it makes ZERO sense to you just says more about you than it does about me.  Your “hard truths” aren’t coming from a place of true caring and empathy.  It is just that the decisions I’ve made seem to offend your sensibilities enough that you decided to come off the lurker bench and chastise me for wasting my money.

I can see that the path I’ve chosen and the decisions I’ve made clash with your values and so you can’t wrap your head around why anyone would chose to do what I’ve done.  That’s fine but the hard truth is I’m not you.  What is right for you isn’t necessarily going to be right for me.   So trying to smack some sense into my head fails because my decision makes sense to me.

Well, let’s just leave it at this.  You tried.  I read your comments.  They don’t do anything to convince me that I’ve made a bad choice.

As for the money, as Bobby says towards the end of this song, “I made this money, you didn’t”.  Take care.





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  1. When I’m upset at someone, it’s ALWAYS about me. So when I’m upset, I have to ask myself “what part did I play in this fiasco?” Sometimes, it’s as simple as having expectations that weren’t met, sometimes it’s a whole lot more

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