When is a Bat a Bird?

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So what’s on my mind today?

I came across this article talking about different birds crossing your path and what it means.  I know, I was reminded recently that sometimes an owl is just an owl but I still like reading this stuff.  What can I say?  Sometimes I do think some force is trying to communicate with you but we’ve lost the ability to listen.

Anyway, that’s not the point.  I’m clicking through the various birds and suddenly they list a bat.  A bat ??!!?  I checked to see if this was some kind of joke or addition to the list but no it was numbered just like the rest.  Umm, I know bats fly and all that but they are definitely not birds.  Do we have nobody with any basic biology writing or editing these things?  Or did the title writer just get bored.  I guess “what it means when 20 flying things cross your path” wasn’t good enough.

Speaking of birds, as I was leaving work, the vultures were up and soaring but the winds were keeping them down and two of them landed on one building at work.  It is kind of an old building and the rumors are they want to tear it down at some point.  Yes, you could probably argue that it was just what they were closest to but I thought it was kind of fitting.

Got a shot for my knee on Tuesday and have two more the next two weeks.  Its a joint fluid that supposedly stimulates you to make more of this fluid which provides some lubrication to the joint.

I only mention that because I had a lesson with JoNY on Tuesday night.  OwnerGuy was out of town and we were supposed to practice the swing.  Well, the package insert that came with the injections said to wait 48 hours before doing anything too extreme but I’ve had similar shots before and haven’t had any problems.  Plus, I don’t like people telling me what to do so I tried to keep the lesson.  Yeah, the package insert was right.  After just one rep of the Swing, my knee started to hurt and we had to back down to doing Rumba and Waltz but still had to cut 15 minutes off the lesson because the knee wasn’t happy with me.

We are able to get through both the Rumba and the Waltz but it is still very rough.  There is lots of polishing and sanding that is needed to smooth out all the rough spots.  I try to remain open minded but I’m getting close to the point of needing to feel some improvement to be convinced that this is going to work.

I do miss not prepping for a Showcase.  Well, I don’t really miss that because I always freak out about it.  I guess what I really miss is just having something on the calendar and something to work towards.

Despite that, I still believe I made the right decision in backing away from Studio B.  I’m able to fill the time with other activities that were taking a back seat to dancing and now it doesn’t feel like I’m always behind.  And some extra alone time has been a great thing.

I am back at the Famous Franchise tonight.  The rumor is that OwnerGuy is going to try Viennese Waltz which could get interesting.  The only problem is I’ve got a pretty massive headache right now.  I love spring but we jumped to 70’s and 80’s starting on Monday and I think all the trees that were dormant just sprung to life and we’ve had rain which means mold and allergies and blah.

But I do love spring.  Our redbuds are all out and there are just little purple flowers everywhere.  The tulips are up at the gardens we’ve visited.  We have a couple of flowering almonds my parents gave us for an anniversary some years ago and they’ve flowered as well.  (The downside is it makes me think of Mom so it is kind of a happy/sad thing)

I’m reading a book by Steve Berry.  Hard to describe his genre but it is thrillers that usually have a treasure/conspiracy component.  His last book was about lost Confederate gold and a search to find hidden clues and get to it while various groups work for and against the main character.  I’m sure I didn’t do it justice but I love this type of story.

But, his latest book is set in the past and is about the first case the main character ever worked on.  Well, for me, that creates a problem because we already know this guy lives through the story.  So all the chase scenes and live or death situations just becomes pointless.  (I guess you could say they always are because you’d never kill off a recurring main character but you never know).  Plus, he’s already been recaptured by the bad guys about five times and I’m not even halfway through the book.  It is one of those stores where the bad guys are smarter than the hero and then I start wondering why the hero is so stupid and maybe he deserves to be killed.  So I tend to start skimming through the chase scenes – it isn’t that interesting to know how he gets out of these situations by the time you’ve gotten to the fourth or fifth time he’s captured with no easy escape.  Now you have my short little review.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking about right now.

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