Dancing on the Ceiling

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What is happening here.  Something’s going on that’s not quite clear.  Somebody turn on the lights.  We’re gonna have a party.  It’s starting tonight.

Guess I’m just in a Lionel Ritchie mood right now.   Just watching the video right now.  Oh the 80’s costumes!

I didn’t mention this before because things have had a way of falling through but Studio B’ weekly party got moved to Friday this week.  Hilde sent me an IM to see if I was free and, as luck would have it, I was.  So we agreed to meet up for another dance date.

The was a Swing group class before the party and Hilde was running a little late so the group class started with 8 guys and one lady plus the female instructor.   Which is just a little strange.  Well, they dragged another female instructor in and Hilde showed up to even things up just a bit.

The pattern wasn’t anything complicated.  Just a basic and then the next triple, the guy starts going around the lady and then finishes with a back spot turn action so he rotates around her.  Then you just triple out.  The next part starts with a rock step and then you get into some pivots and bring the lady out with a turn.  Do an inside turn to correct the arm position but keep going to let her get into a potentially awkward position with her arm twisted slightly behind her back.  Then, you give her another turn and you are done.

The instructor tried to rotate as much as possible to make sure everyone was getting it.  I ended up only dancing with her a few times because I did get it.  (It ain’t bragging if its the truth)  So she moved on to help those in more dire need.  At one point, another female instructor came out and the instructor gave her a quick run down of what we were doing and then pointed her to me and said “he’ll lead you through”.  I’ve been the one lost in a group class before.  Trust me, it feels better when you are the one who knows what he’s doing.

These parties are always a little strange.  There are a lot of people who come just to socialize which you would never get away with at a Famous Franchise event.  I can see sitting out a song or two but why come to a dance party if you aren’t going to dance??  I did notice that the female instructors weren’t working the room which might have helped.  Or maybe the independent studio is just more low key than the Famous Franchise.

Anyway, Hilde and I danced a lot.  There were two other guys there who really wanted to dance and they usually danced with her during a west coast swing which I can do but this one guy really seemed better at it.  Hilde told me later that he’s a little too serious about his dancing so it isn’t as much fun for her.  She just likes to bust a move and have a good time.  She’s not actively working with anyone right now so she just dances Salsa and West Coast at various studios and clubs.  But she still likes the Ballroom so this was good for both of us.

You know that I kind of have mixed emotions about social dancing and the studio parties.  You get spoiled when doing pro/am because any decent professional is either better at following and/or subtly backleading in key parts.  Plus they are better at establishing and holding a connection.  And, when you work with someone long enough, you just get a “feel” for how you both move.  And, if you are doing an amalgamation, then both of you know the pattern so there is less thought about the steps.  For a whole host of reasons, it just makes the dancing feel so much better.

But there is something to be said for social dancing with a friend when you are both just out to have a good time.   They played “Another One Bites the Dust” and she wanted to hustle and so we hustled.  Not sure the song is a good hustle but, what the heck, we made it work.  Yes, I was still trying to work on frame and timing and leading but it was mostly about just dancing and having fun.

That is really sometimes my problem with social dancing at other events.  If I’m dancing with someone I don’t know that well, then I get all caught up in the thoughts.  “Are we on time”.  “Did I lead that right” “What do I do next” “We’ve done the same three steps, isn’t she going to be bored now” “What the heck am I supposed to say to this person” And on and on.  Introvert problems and all.  It is different when you dance with a friend because I don’t have to worry about all that stuff.  But, I can hear you saying, go to enough parties and dance with the same people enough times and they to can become friends.  Yeah, but its getting through that awkward part that I don’t like.

Now, on to one of those things where sometimes powers in the universe communicate to you if you just listen.  Was doing some errands this morning and naturally I was thinking about dancing and Kid T and feeling a little sad and then this song comes on the 80’s on 8.  Coincidence?  Maybe not.  Well, even if there isn’t a message, I do like Steve Perry’s voice and, to me, this is a beautiful little ballad.

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