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Note:  I took a break from dancing this week but I can’t keep away from the blog.  If I ever gave up dancing for real, I’d fill the space with things like this.

So I’m on day 2 of a fun headache.  Feels like someone is inside my head over my right eye pounding to be let out.  Tuesday night we had storms blow through and the temperature went from spring like to winter.  Yesterday, I had my allergy shots (I’m pretty much allergic to life) and I’ve noticed that both things sometimes trigger these headaches.  And they pretty much last all day and are immune to any type of over the counter pain medicine.  At best, those things dull the pain a bit.  Most of the time, the guy pounding inside my head laughs it off and keeps pounding.

I stayed home today and I’ll admit that there are times when I feel guilty about that.  Work ethic and all.  But if I can’t concentrate, then I’m really no good to anyone.  After getting up to leave the boss a message and letting the dog with the old bladder out, I went back to bed for a couple more hours.  Then, I head the dog with the old bladder skittering around in her crate so I got up a second time to let her out.  Then I went back to bed and ignored the alarm that went off for my wife and slept til 10.  I kind of figured something was up yesterday because I ended up taking a nap after dinner which is not my normal modus operandi.  (Why do I throw stuff like that into these posts?)

I have assumed all along that these were just sinus headaches.  As I mentioned, I’m pretty much allergic to any type of pollen that exists along with dust and molds.  Even though I love spring, it is a pain for me because the trees pollinate and it is usually so damp that we get plenty of molds.  For many years, the headaches were terrible in spring and fall and sometimes the allergies would lead to sinus infections and, in some cases, bronchitis.  I actually figure that lung problems are going to do me in since Mom suffered from COPD and lung problems run on her side of the family and I seem to have gotten a lot of her genetic stuff.  Anyway, the shots were supposed to help reduce the sensitivity to the allergies and to keep them from developing into the nasty stuff.  Have they worked?  I guess.  Still get the allergies but I’ve been mostly able to dodge the sinus infections and bronchitis.

And I know other people who get migraines and they have sensitivity to light and other problems that I don’t get.  Then, I read a whole bunch of stuff today saying that people often assume the have sinus headaches when they really have migraines.  And that weather changes and flying can trigger migraines.  (I didn’t mention but I’m almost guaranteed to get a big headache the day after a flight)  And that pain will often be on one side of your face and that true sinus stuff is often accompanies by fever and discharge which I don’t have.  And sinus headaches don’t trigger nausea but migraines do.  I’ve never actually done the vomit thing but these headaches often lead to me feeling sick to my stomach.

So now I don’t know.  Maybe I’ve been making a bad assumption all these years and not getting effective treatment.  Hmm..

Oh, have you ever read about dogs are supposed to be sensitive to your pain and sickness.  Yeah, not so much with Rocco the wonder dog.  I’m home and that means I’m taking him to the park come hell or high water.  (And with the rain the other day, we actually have a lot of high water).  He starts getting antsy and following me around when I stand up and then starts bouncing and getting excited.  AND I USUALLY GIVE IN!  Dog has me well trained.  I don’t get light sensitivity which is supposed to be a thing with migraines so going outside doesn’t bother me.  Except that it probably exposed me to more mold and allergens.  Anyway, I took him for a little walk and it made him happy.  Its the least I can do.

I’ve got about 15-20 minutes to decide if I should go to the group class/party at the Famous Franchise tonight.  I do want to go and see if OwnerGuy has come up with a schedule going forward.  Also, I don’t want people to think I’ve dropped off the face of the earth.  There is that little guilt thing since I didn’t go to work but, on the other hand, the pain is certainly less now and I feel more functional than I did first thing this morning.

Guess we’ll see in a couple of minutes.  Going to leave you guessing on this one.  Call it a cliff hanger for the next post.  Does he go to the party?  Tune in next time and find out.

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