Right Round Like a Record

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Leaving the studio on Wednesday, Kid T had promised that we were going to do rounds on Thursday.  Basically that means just hitting the seven dances I need to do at check out (Waltz, Tango, Fox Trot, Viennese Waltz, Cha-Cha, Rumba, and Swing).  And doing each one a single time and then jumping to the next one.  No re-starts, no do-overs, no stopping, no complaining, no whining, no passing go, no collecting $200.  Oops, I got a bit carried away there.

And, sometimes, I may just need that mental challenge because I kind of kicked it into Performance Mode last night.  Didn’t quite have it dialed up to 11 but it was pretty darn close.

Normally, you do these things in a certain order but Kid T was feeling a bit devilish and so she just decided to do the smooth dances in a random order and we started with Viennese Waltz.  I told her that I figured out that she was trying to wear me out with the first dance so I’d be all tired and less likely to think and overthink and more likely to dance.  I’m on to her little game!!

It went really well.  I even remembered at the end to close my feet before the hesitations that start the loop.  I can’t help it sometimes because we do these open naturals right before and we are flying over the floor and then we have to stop and use the hesitations to start things back up again.  Viennese has always been one of my favorites because I feel the need for speed.  As Kid T and I have developed a stronger connection and they’ve worked more on my posture, we seem to have more power and more speed neither of which is a bad thing.  I wish I could give you an accurate description of how good it feels to just be flying around the dance floor but with better control over the speed and power of the dance.

I can’t really remember the order of the dances.  I think the Fox Trot might have been next but the rest of the smooth dances went off without a hitch.  We got to the Cha-Cha which is the only rhythm dance that hasn’t changed and that’s OK because it hasn’t grown as stale as some of the others and we flew through that.  Then came my old friend the Rumba and it wasn’t bad.  Actually, it was pretty good.  I remembered the whole thing and handled all the various transitions smoothly.  Swing was last and it also went well.

We hit all seven dances with no major glitches and I look up and we’ve still got 10-15 minutes left on the lesson.  Dang.  I’m pretty sure I had the silly little half smile I tend to get when I’m happy and proud of something I’ve done but I don’t want to seem like I’m bragging.  Kid T was telling me how it must feel good to have gotten through all them (which it did).

Like any other freak out episode though, I do always feel a little silly when I actually end up getting through something I was freaked out about.  To be honest, I haven’t yet done that since the actual check out is tomorrow.  But last night went so well that now I wonder what the heck I was so worried about.

I skipped out on group class.  They were doing Rumba and Z was teaching and the class was evenly balanced without me.  OwnerGuy comes over when he sees me to figure out why I’m not in group class.  He kind of bluntly asks if Z was the reason.  Technically, she was a reason but not the only reason so I wasn’t lying when I said no.  For a whole lot of reasons, I don’t get a lot out of most group classes lately and I get even less when the male/female ratio skews to more men.

He did ask me to stay for party which I did.  Danced a couple more times with Kid T and then danced with the only unattached female at the party.  She’s like me in that her spouse is not as in to the dancing but she loves it too much to give up.

Tomorrow will be a busy day.  Got all kinds of things to do in the morning and I have to leave enough time to get back and get out to the studio by 2:30 to do this check out.  I don’t really know how it is supposed to work but at this point I’m more about just getting it over with.  I’m skipping out on the dinner so I’ll be driving back home after to have dinner with my wife.  Then I should be checked out of Silver II and on to Silver III.


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