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So whatever I had turned into something of a head cold which just makes me feel a little random.

I’m currently trying Zicam which is supposed to speed the time to recovery.  The directions are to just take one every three hours until symptoms go away.  I think they give you enough to last a couple of days which is the average length of a cold.  So you finish the Zicam and boom all the symptoms were gone.  Was it Zicam or time?

Maybe I shouldn’t be so doubtful.  They call this a homeopathic solution so maybe I’m supposed to “believe” that it will cure me.  Doubts are probably not a good thing.  Can’t help it, I’m a skeptic.

Funny thing is I just finished a book that deals with allomancers who can “burn” a certain metal for special powers.  Zicam is mostly a couple of compounds of Zinc.  Burning that is supposed to allow you to “riot” the emotions of others.  If a cold makes you feel bad enough, you can probably do that to people around you without the zinc.

Now I’m wondering if those who can burn Zinc in that world get fewer colds than others.

And now I’m thinking it would be pretty cool to “burn” metal like that.

I’ve moved on to another dystopian book.  I’m catching up on the reading I was going to do on vacation but didn’t do because plan B didn’t have as much down time.  I didn’t like how the author got the world into the dystopian future and it is sort of clouding my opinion of the book.

That seems a little strange to me.  Its a fictional world.  Why should it matter how we got there.

The best part of this book is that there is a heavy use of 80’s culture.  Lots and lots of pop culture references to movies and books and music.  I’m in heaven.  Yes it is important to the plot but it would take too long to explain it.

My current pair of pants seem to be halfway between belt loops.  Hate that.  One is too loose and they fall down a bit.  The other is just a bit too tight and isn’t comfortable.  So do I choose comfort while constantly pulling up my pants?

Dropped my taxes off for someone to do them.  Ever since my wife started her own business, I got out of the do it yourself tax prep.  I’m still responsible for all the record keeping and providing the correct paperwork.  The only problem with that is my method of paper storage is to put everything that might be important into a pile and then sort it out at tax time.  Creates quite a pile of stuff which is part of the reason I hate tax time so much.

We had more snow showers today.  I know there are places getting hit worse but we’ve also been colder than normal and I’m not happy about it.

But I have to keep reminding myself that the calendar is effed up.  The coldest part of the year is mid January.  So February is like December and March is like November.  First day of spring or not, we are still not safely out of the wood yet.

Carrying that out, April’s twin is October.  Then we have May and September and finally June and August.  July is like January except that it is when temperatures reach their peak.  When I think about it this way, I’ve only got five really good months.  I need to move somewhere warmer.

I know daylight tells a different story and that we’ve been steadily increasing daylight and when we get to first day of spring, the day and night are roughly equal and then day wins out until we get to September and the first day of fall.  But temperatures lag daylight.

Got to go to dance in a minute.  Dancing with a head cold is a special kind of fun.  Breathing is kind of important to dancing.

Oh, I somehow managed to sp;ill some candle wax on this keyboard, so every time I’ve typ;ed a “p;”, I’ve had to backsp;ace to wip;e out the p; that came along with it since the keys have stuck together.  Didn’t do that for this p;aragrap;h just to illustrate how much of a p;ain it has been.  Did try to clean the keyboard but I’ve got one on order which arrives tomorrow.  They don’t cost enough to justify scrap;ing wax from between the keys.

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