Sunday Morning Randomness

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Dogs are walked and I have time to kill, so here you go.

I sometimes think it would be fun to try and be one of those guys who writes short little humorous things, but then I know I ramble on way too much.

Have you ever made a random connection in your head and laughed at something someone said?  The real awkward part is trying to explain why you laughed.  Loses a lot in the translation.

I enjoy killing time playing Sudoku on my phone (yes I’m that kind of person).  But then some part of my mind kicks in to say “DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE”.  Figure I’m exercising brain cells and it makes me happy so I try to tell that part of my mind to shut up.

Speaking of phones, I hate it when I plug it into the computer to recharge and there’s some new version of ITUNES or new version of the IOS waiting for me.  Worst case is when you’ve got both of them.  No, sorry, don’t have a hour to kill – just charge my phone.

Seriously, we can send an expensive Tesla into space but we can’t figure out a way to update software in a reasonable amount of time.  We’ve all got short attention spans now Apple!  Get with the program.

I know when you have to explain humor that it isn’t funny but some of you might not be old enough to remember that line used to be “we can send a man to the moon but ..”  I updated it.  Well, I thought it was funny.

There are certain singers who just have a way of reaching me with their voices.  I keep meaning to make a list and share it with you but I only remember it when I hear one of their songs.  Then I forget.

I’ll give you one I do remember.  Ronnie Dunn of the country duo Brooks and Dunn.  He does a lot of update honky tonk type music but the man can carry a slow ballad.  Heard a remake of “Missing You” that they did (OK, it’s playing now in the background) and it still gets to me.

I’ve decided that people who consistently use the word “sammich” for “sandwich” irritate the hell out of me.  Don’t know why but it does.

Speaking of voices, there are certain voices I can’t stand.  Take the guy who does Trivago commercials.  Can’t stand him.  Fingernails on a chalkboard kind of thing.  I read someone made a pithy comment about him looking for hotels to hide bodies of people he’s murdered so I can’t be alone here.  Seriously, can you get another spokesman.

I tend to think of my personality quirks as endearing while other people’s are just weird.  I’m sure nobody finds me weird though.  Although it wouldn’t bother me if they did.  Well I don’t mean creepy weird but nicely eccentric.

I don’t make to do lists and I have terrible handwriting.  But I also can’t remember stuff so I sometimes write things down to remind myself.  Of course, then I can’t read what I put on the list and I can’t remember what I needed to do so I’m kind of screwed.

OK, I’ve kind of run out of random thoughts here and we have a few errands to run (I can actually read that list) so I’m off.


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