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Because we haven’t done them in a bit, Kid T started in on the open routines last night.  These are the ones that aren’t going to change but you still have to keep working on them.  First, you have to keep them from fading from memory.  Secondly, as we work on technique things in close routines, there are opportunities to apply them to the open as well.

As a side note, since I didn’t do a Big Dance Event last year and I’m on the fence about doing one this year, I’m wondering if it is really worth keeping both routines in each dance.  The studio is skipping the Big Dance Event that is within driving distance of our town because everyone is bored with it.  OwnerGuy made the decision to only do one this year and it is at the end of May and requires flying.  I just haven’t decided whether I’d get enough out of it to justify the cost.  Of course, I like the open routines a little better than the closed and I’m sure they wouldn’t let me drop the closed, so I guess I’m stuck with both of them.

We did Swing and Tango last night (ironic that combination came up given I’m doing a Swango at the other studio).  It wasn’t a particularly good night because I felt “off”.  Which really sucks because I can’t explain why I feel “off”, I just know that I do.  My problem is that my face gives me away.  I miss a step or do something that doesn’t feel right and I’ll usually react to it which leads Kid T to stop and ask what’s wrong and then I can’t explain it and so on.  The funny thing is that I don’t do this at Showcase.  We mess something up and I’ll usually just laugh it off and move on.  Seems odd that I can do that when it counts but I get too hung up on the little things during lessons.

To be fair, we did have to fix a couple of parts in the Swing because I wasn’t doing them right which is why it felt “off”.  Part of the problem is that we have a whip in the open routine and I was flashing back to how I did it for the West Coast Swing at Studio B.  The differences are enough that it was throwing off the next step.  The other thing about the Swing is that we do this little drop (I think that’s what you call it) where she spins around and I catch her under her arms and let her drop a bit and then bring her back up.  I always forget to roll down my sleeves when I do open swing; I’ve always rolled up my sleeves because I just hate how it feels to have the sleeve over my forearm and around my wrist.  Feels too restrictive.  Well I’ve got allergy issues and by that I mean that I’m pretty much allergic to life.  And it also means that I’ve got somewhat sensitive skin (not very manly but what are you going to do).  So I end up with red itchy patches on my arms.  The good news is that it doesn’t break out into anything so I don’t look like a freak.  But I seriously just want to scratch the hell out of them; I don’t do that because it would only make things worse.

OK, I’ve gone on way too long about my skin problems.  Let’s change the subject.

The second dance we did was Tango and my problem with doing Tango is that the frame is a little different and it always feels like she’s slipping and that I’m not keeping my frame solid.  So I’m fussing over that but I can’t really find the words to explain it.  (Not sure why she can’t just accept “IT DIDN’T FEEL RIGHT!, but she keeps pushing)  In response, she kind of slaps me back to reality and going on about the Tango feels good to her and how she thinks it is one of my strongest dances and how it really suits me because I guess I’m better able to use my legs to take bigger steps and cover more ground.  Naturally, this sets up some cognitive dissonance in my head because the words coming out of her mouth totally contradict my feelings.  Some day, I’m going to learn to tell my feelings to shut up.  Actually, I did think about it and I think she’s right about the Tango moving more.  As I’ve gotten used to the someone funky stance and the lack of rise and fall, I do drive more in that dance than in any other.  Maybe she’s on to something!

I actually managed to stay through the entire party which was noticed by one of the other students.  I was going to cut out with a couple of songs left but then they played a West Coast Swing which they don’t normally do and they followed it up with a Bolero which also rarely makes the playlist.  I jumped at the chance to do both dances and then there was just one last dance left so I ended up staying.

Tomorrow, they are doing something called “Team Match” at our studio.  It sounded silly so I opted out.  There is a part of me that is now thinking that I should have gone.  I need to call myself out on my own BS at times and I do sometimes adopt this “too cool for school” attitude.  I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really like things that feel like forced fun which is something the Famous Franchise is good at.  And there is truth to that because I’m not always comfortable doing silly things but it does also give me an opportunity to cop an attitude because I’m the outsider and I’m different and I don’t need to participate.  And maybe I don’t need to be that way all the time.

Well the weekend is here.  I’m not doing anything tonight and that’s quite alright with me.  Sometimes, you just need a night in when you just can’t handle being around people anymore.  We did have a warmer than normal day and with sunset now being a little later, we took advantage to get Rocco out for a little walk after dinner.  He wasn’t expecting it but he certainly enjoyed it.

Not sure if I mentioned this or not, but two weeks from tomorrow, we are leaving on vacation.  Going to blow this town and spend a week soaking up the sun.  Well not really since I’m not a sun nut and I’m genetically predisposed to burn and not tan.  So we really just sit in the shade and enjoy the warm temperature and breezes.  Can’t wait.


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