Super Sunday Scribbles

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(Did you like the alliteration?)

It was snowing when I got up this morning.  Actually, it would best be described as white rain because it mostly melted on contact.  The temperature was above freezing which really kept it from doing anything more than covering the ground in places.  Certainly not enough to keep Rocco from his morning walk.

I hate snow but I kind of like walking in it – at least at first.  But snow is sneaky.  With rain, you are getting wet and you know it and then you have enough warning to come in out of the rain before you are super soaked.  Unless you are just out to walk in the rain and get soaked which I’ve done before.  Snow just piles up on you and then when you get someplace warm (like the car), it all melts and, suddenly, everything is wet.  Including the dog, by the way.

But this was one of those days where you start to get some hints that winter is nearing the end of its time on earth for this season.  I’ve seen multiple flocks of geese circling and looking for places to be and I saw a bluebird on my walk this morning and there was a confused looking robin in a tree outside my house yesterday.  Bluebirds and robins aren’t true harbingers of spring because some of them try to overwinter.  Still, they do seem to disappear somewhere in the coldest parts of the winter and the resurface as spring nears.  Now, as we were taking Rocco on walk #2, the wind was shifting and the temperature was starting to drop and it’s clear we’re headed for another trip into the deep freeze so winter isn’t done playing with us yet.

Today is the big game.  I’ve said this before but I like repeating myself from time to time.  I’m pretty sure they moved the Super Bowl to February because, by then, 99% of the people who resolved to lose weight have already given in or are about to.  So you feel no guilt about loading up on wings or chips and cheese dip or whatever else people have at the various parties.  Judging by what I saw in the grocery store yesterday, there is no limit to what is acceptable.  So any good decision made in January can easily be undone just on one day.

I know I really shouldn’t care much about what other people think but that can be hard at times.  The Super Bowl has become much like New Year’s Eve now – it is a day where you are supposed to be going somewhere or hosting a party or doing something!  Not sure how and why the Super Bowl morphed into that.  But now it is another day where it can be hard to be an introvert because the expectation is that you need to be out and around people.  What if I just want to watch the game in my own chair and switch over the puppy bowl if it gets boring.

It is probably easier if you say you don’t watch football.  If you are a football fan, there seems to be the unwritten rule that you should be at a party or have a bunch of friends over.  If you don’t, then you are just little weird.  Again, I shouldn’t care what people think and I actually don’t mind being considered a little weird so it shouldn’t bother me.  I guess it is more that look you sometimes get from people who ask.  Like “oh, poor guy doesn’t have any friends”.

Was going to have another coaching lesson on Monday but the coach is down with the flu.  I wonder if dance instructors have a higher rate of that kind of stuff than other professions?  If you are doing pro-am, then you are in physical contact with your student(s) and it wouldn’t look good to be doing a lesson wearing a mask and gloves.  There is only so much sanitizing you can do between lessons.

Well that’s about all I’ve got for now.  Its about time to feed the dogs.  They are kind of lurking around me letting me know.  Dogs are not subtle when it comes to food.


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