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So we close out the week with the party at the Famous Franchise.  This is one of those parties they do a couple times a year where they try to solicit new students so all of us are encouraged to bring in friends and they would open the party up to people who’ve never danced before.  Nothing wrong with that except it is kind of like one of those time share things.  You get the free vacation but the price is listening to a sales pitch.  Same thin here – you get a party, they do a little group class to teach you basic steps in a couple of dances and then you get the pitch to sign up for lessons.

I found out that all the demonstrations were going to be Rumba.  I’m having a little (OK a lot) of problems with Rumba right now.  So it is at the bottom of my list of favorite dances.  Well, we were doing the open routine and there is one little part where I do a second position break and then cross my right leg in front of my left and then I’m supposed to do some little twist to get her to move.  This is on a slow so there are the two actions – the step and the twist.  The movement is supposed to come from the body and not the arm.

But I can’t get it to work out right.  Something about the foot placement or the alignment or who knows but it is an awkward move for me because part of me is still supposed to face her while another part doesn’t.  And it is the part that doesn’t which is supposed to do the little twist.  And, yesterday, my knee was acting up and, for some reason, it was hurting to do this.  I got the “it shouldn’t hurt” comment.  Can’t tell you how much I hate that.  Like I’m making up the pain when I twist in a certain way.  Clearly I wasn’t doing it right and probably creating pressure on my knee.  But give me some credit for knowing when it hurts. I mean it is my knee after all.  Think I’m the best judge of whether it hurts or not.

Initially, Kid T told me it wasn’t going to be a solo and that there’d be other couples on the floor as we did the “demonstration” level.  This really isn’t a level but they wanted something for more advanced students to show off for the newbies in the crowd.  Kind of a marketing gimmick.  Look, here’s some regular people off the streets and we turned them into dancers.  Turns out it could have been a solo because OwnerGuy asked me later if I wanted company.  I just wasn’t feeling it so I wanted cover on the floor so I said sure the more the merrier.

Well they did the little group class and had some general dancing and then started working through the various levels calling students out to demo.  All of those were solos so I think they were planning on them being solos.  Or it could be they just didn’t have enough to fill the slots.  Either way, it got to our part and so we did our little song and dance for the crowd.  Once again, give me a chance to show off and I tried to put a little extra into it.  It is just how I’m wired I guess.

Oh, I forgot one little thing.  Before we got to that, OwnerGuy decides to put on a Tango which wasn’t one of the four dances they taught the beginners.  But they invited all the beginners to watch and invited us advanced dancers to the floor and, naturally, Kid T grabs me to do a Tango.  At one point, I glance over to the side and there is a new couple that brought some friends and they are pointing at us – the clear message being “watch them”.

Now back to the Rumba.  So there are two guys in the studio who seem to be admirers of mine.  Both of them came up to me after the Rumba.  The one guy again told me that I give him something to strive for.  Or something like that, it was late and I’ve slept since then.  He also asked if I had danced before I started with the Famous Franchise and the answer was “no”.  I walked in cold all those years ago.

To be clear, this is not going to be some giant ego trip.  Does it feel good to have someone say things like that?  Of course it does.  (Although we INFP’s sometimes react strangely to positive praise even though we seek it out)  It is just still a little weird to me to think that I could be considered inspiring even in some small way.  I know there are plenty of amateur dancers far better than me but not in my little corner of the world.  There is also the strangeness of what he sees vs what I feel at times.  You know my struggles and insecurities and how ballroom can sometimes twist my head around.  Even that night on the lesson I wasn’t feeling the greatest.  But he sees none of that.  What he sees is a dancer he enjoys watching and a dancer that maybe he hopes to emulate at one point and maybe a dancer that inspires him a bit.  Can’t really sum it up in words but there’s just a bit of weirdness there.  There’s a lot of good there as well but there’s just a hint of weirdness in there as well.

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