The Dances They Are A Changin’

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And its a good thing.  Yesterday, we added a step to the Fox Trot although Kid T changed her mind overnight and told me today that she was going to jettison that for a different type of step.  I hope it wasn’t because I was a little lukewarm about the new stuff.  Sometimes it takes me a few tries to really establish an opinion.  The thing that was a little odd about what she added was that it just kind of worked and I really didn’t know why because I wasn’t sure what I was doing.  She again reminded me that I was probably overthinking things which was true.  I mean if you are getting a step, why not just go with it.  But, since that is now out, I won’t spend more time on it.

Today was the Bolero.  She added something called a Flirtation Wrap and Point.  Probably goes by other names in other parts of the dance universe but the Famous Franchise calls it Flirtation Wrap and Point.  Basically, it is a separation break where I bounce her off but then finish the step rocking towards her with my weight over my right foot.  This should create enough momentum for her to flip around and end up in wrapped in my left arm.  Then I do some weight changes to roll her back out and it ends with some type of swivel for both of us.

She plugged it into the existing routine without taking anything out which makes the closed routine a little longer but that’s not a bad thing because we were looping it far too many times.  Once I got the whole weight shifts down, the first part started to feel really good.  It kind of hits on a theme that I’ve noticed before which is a small change makes a big difference.  I’m guessing that I’ve got a pretty solid base of stuff right now and so they can start working on these relatively small points but they are the ones that seem to result in the biggest changes to how the dance looks and feels.  It adds more to me actually leading the steps.

I’ve hit on this theme before as well but so much of this just seems to be about creating momentum and then controlling that momentum during the dance – directing it to go where you want it to go.  And so much of creating momentum just appears to be tiny little changes in how you do a step – getting more of your head weight over your foot, for example.  It is actually a concept that is starting to make a lot of sense to me and it really changes how the dance feels.

The swivel part was still a bit of a struggle.  She’s told me on other steps that I need to use her more.  It is the whole connection thing.  If we work off each other, then it is easier for both of us to do the swivel since we are more balanced and connected by borrowing from each other.  Guess it is kind of like the saying that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Oh, I also forgot that we did some West Coast Swing yesterday and she again showed me a small change in the anchor step where I kind of move away from her which creates that stretch and connection which just sets you up for creating momentum to do the next step.

We finished with a little Argentine Tango.  She made a comment about almost forgetting about that and how I have so many dances which is certainly true.  I’d probably have a lot more if I had unlimited time and resources since there are very few dances I don’t like.  I did offer to get rid of Rumba but she wasn’t buying.

I suppose I should also mention that I left after the lesson rather than staying for the group.  And I left because Z was teaching the group.  Yeah, its avoidance, I know but I figure why stay if I’m not going to have any fun.

Tomorrow is some big studio party and they want to have student demonstrations.  Kid T signed me up but didn’t mention the dance.  As of today, OwnerGuy still had no idea.  I’ve got no problem doing an in studio demo but I do have a problem doing it cold.  Sorry but I do have a little pride in my dancing and if I’m going to do a demonstration, I want it to be the best it can be and it won’t be that if I have to do a routine I haven’t done in a couple of weeks with no practice.  So we’ll see how that goes.

But, overall, I’m really happy with the way 2018 has started with respect to dancing at both studios.  At this point, it does seem like the momentum that was built towards the end of 2017 is continuing.  The rest of 2018 hasn’t been so great so I’m happy that at least dance is going well.

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