Swango and a Rant

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Just got back from an amazing lesson.  We again got to work on the Swango choreography with the guy who is a super advanced dancer.  He’s also a really good teacher because he can break things down and explain them in a way that makes sense.  The only problem is that he’s got one speed and it is super fast so sometimes it is hard to keep up.  There is so much information coming at me and I want to grab it and hold on to it and stash it somewhere in my brain but more just keeps coming so I can’t catch everything.

Tonight we fleshed out the Tango part.  Actually, I think this dance is going to rotate between Swing and Tango multiple times.  The choreography wasn’t particularly difficult but there’s a lot of timing changes and some fakes and some quick sharp moves that took a little while to get used to.  Quick stuff is a little harder for me until I’ve processed it because by the time I remember what to do, we are already behind the music.

But the biggest thing he wanted to focus on was actually the Tango frame and how to move in Tango.  I’m used to forming a letter “T” with my frame to create the line but that’s not how he wanted Tango to look.  He said the line is really from my elbow to hers.  That’s what is not supposed to move around.  So my right arm is bent down so my hand is on the middle of her back and not the shoulder.  I do some of this at the Famous Franchise but this was more extreme.  Then he said that my right hip had to be lower and my shoulder relaxed which really meant my right knee was bent and it stays that way.  I will say my knee was not happy with me but it is doable.  And it does create a much stronger connection and helps to make a Tango look more like a Tango.

Oh and there was serious body contact right from the beginning.  No space between us.  There were a couple of times where he wanted me to lead him through a part or two.  That was a different type of experience.  Suspect that there’d be plenty of guys who would see that and never come back for a lesson but it really wasn’t that awkward.

I certainly still have my personal space issues but I managed to survive a lesson with both Mindy and this guy all up in my space.  The difference is how it was treated.  First, they didn’t give me any choice.  You want to dance Tango, this is how its done.  But it was all professional.  No jokes about the awkwardness.  That was always my problem with Z.  When you feel self-conscious, the last thing you need is someone calling attention to it.  Here, it was just natural and so it was decidedly less awkward.

We get him back in two weeks and I can’t wait to see what we’ll be doing next.

Now, I want to loop back to that site that put me on some list of the best Ballroom blogs.  I told you that I ended up getting a whole bunch of follows with email addresses.  Yeah, those were spam bots.  The kind that kept sending me comments that attempted to be vague enough to pass for human.  You haven’t seen them because I’ve been marking all of them as Spam and the filters are starting to kick in.

Now, I don’t want to get off on a rant here, but what’s the freaking point?  In the grand scheme of things, my blog is a tiny dot on some huge radar screen.  I’m like Liechtenstein.  Not that there’s anything wrong with Liechtenstein but its a tiny country that is rarely on the world stage.  I think they have some skiers who end up in the Winter Olympics but that’s about it.   What possible good is served by spamming my tiny little blog?

And I know these things are probably easy to automate but what gets me is that someone put the effort in to do that.  Why?  If you have some type of skill, why not use it for good purposes and not to be a pain to other bloggers?  What a waste.  Isn’t there a better use of talents and skills?  How proud do you have to be to say “Yeah, I develop spam bots for no particular reason”

We all have opportunities to make this world a better place even if it is small ways.  The other day I was in my favorite coffee place and the baristas were talking about the last customer who apparently didn’t get his coffee the way he liked it and decided to take it out on them.  This is another thing I don’t get.  You have multiple opportunities each day where you can decide to make someone’s day brighter or darker.  Why would take the time to make someone feel bad?  What purpose does it serve?

I know this is a bit of the idealist coming out but we are all in this world together and we are all only here for a short time.  Shouldn’t you try to enjoy the ride and help others enjoy it as well.  The measure of person isn’t so much what they accomplished but how they accomplished it.  I know the history books are full of people who did great things and were really terrible people but I don’t think the ends justify the means.

Or, to quote Shakespeare “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”

And, I know that in the grand scheme of things that having to clear out a spam filter isn’t really a big thing.  But it serves no positive purpose.  This blog is just a fun little way for me to express things and sort through feeling and make cyber connections with people.  Spam bots are an annoyance that I don’t need.

End Rant.


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