Good Bye Mom

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Yesterday was not a good day.  On Friday, we found out Mom was taken back to the hospital with a blood clot so we were discussing options.  Yesterday morning, my brother calls me to say that he’s spoken to her doctor and she’s recommending we all make the trip to see Mom.

The two of us were able to ride together and we picked up Pop and drove to the hospital.  My sister got a flight from her home town but my oldest brother had to drive in which was about a 10 hour drive.  The blood clots had moved to the lungs and she had some heart issues and had basically refused to do the more aggressive therapy needed to break up the clots.

When we got there, she could hear us and still responded although it was hard to understand her at times because she was laboring to get out the words.  So she knew everyone was on the way.  Unfortunately, right before my sister got there, she kind of slipped out of consciousness and stopped responding.  Her breathing just got shallower and shallower and she died just before my older brother arrived.  I’m sure she tried to hold on as long as possible but I also know she took comfort that we were all coming.

In the end, I think she went out the way she wanted to – quietly in a bed with no heroic measures and with her family around her.

Yesterday was shock.  Today, there are all kinds of emotions swirling around.  I thought writing might help but I’m finding it doesn’t right now.  Maybe later.  I wouldn’t say we were super close (she raised us all to be independent) but there is something surreal about knowing I’ll never hear her voice again.

Right now, I’ll just leave you with this.  If your Mom is still with you, call her today.  You never know when you won’t have another chance.


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