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To close out a busy week, I met up with Hilde at Studio B for their weekly party.  We had been trying to find a time for a bit but things got in the way so this is the first time we’ve danced since the Studio B Showcase back in early November.

Met a guy there who had done a little dancing but it was his first party.  So talked with him just a bit before Hilde got there and we divided into our respective groups.  He asked about shoes as he saw me putting mine on and I said it wasn’t a requirement.  Saw him dance a few times and the instructor from our group class was talking with him most of the night so I think they did a good job of trying to make him feel at home.

The group class was Rumba and we were doing the intermediate class.  Studio B is an interesting mix of people because it doesn’t seem like there are a lot of people taking private lessons.  They seem to do their business on group classes where they offer a rotating 8-week class for various dances and various levels.  Some get cancelled if they don’t have enough people.  Last night we had two couples who’ve been at a lot of the parties but don’t seem to take any other group classes.  They also don’t rotate and really don’t seem to do much dancing at parties.  I guess the group class is enough and the party offers a time for socializing.  As I said, its a different atmosphere.

We had one extra guy so the instructor got to be part of the rotation so I danced with her a couple of times.  At the end of the group class, they like to video the steps so people can practice and, as a I walking off the floor, I felt someone grab my shirt and I turn and she’s asking if I’ll be her demo partner.  So, now, there are several people who I don’t really know who have some video of me dancing.  That just seems a little weird to me.  Maybe I should have asked for a royalty check.

The party was fun.  Hilde had broken her toe and my knee was a little stiff so we didn’t do all the numbers which was actually better.  The instructor asked me to dance when a Night Club Two Step was on and I had to turn her down because I really didn’t know what to do.  She made me promise to dance with her but then Hilde kind of stepped in and we danced the next 4-5 songs in a row so I never got back to her.  That makes me feel kind of bad.  Maybe I can make it up to her at the next party.

This next week is good because I only work two days and then I’m out for 2.5 weeks.  Some of that is company holidays and some of that is vacation since I really haven’t used much this year.  Not really planning on going anywhere but, after this last quarter, I think a break is a great idea.

Mentioned the knee earlier.  For some reason, there is a lot of inflammation and the joint is a little stiff.  I got around on it OK when I was dancing but it started to hurt as well.  I think the fun shots I had in July are starting to wear off but they only like doing those every six months so I’m a little early.  I called the ortho doc for an appointment.  I figure he can hit me up with a cortisone shot to get me through the next couple of months.  Ah the joys of dealing with arthritis but, you do what you need to do to keep dancing.


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