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I think I mentioned that we were going to play tourist this weekend just within our city.  We live in a large size city that is big enough to have professional sports teams in a couple of sports.  So there is a wide variety of things to do and see.  Sometimes, I tend to overlook that because, well, life gets in the way.  Between work and a hobby/obsession that make significant demands on my time, it can be hard to get out and do the things that we have to offer.  I think I mentioned something similar in talking about our vacation this summer.  When you travel, you can pack in the activities and it seems like a city has so much to do and maybe we take our home towns for granted.  Unless, I suppose you lived in one of the truly major metropolises.

Well this time of year is for Christmas lights and there was a new entry to the list of places that have displays so we did that Saturday night.  I think many zoos have a light display now so we did ours on Sunday night.  We also took time on Saturday to see another museum that always does a seasonally themed display.  I suspect that some of taking a city for granted is that when you’ve seen something several times in a row, it can start to be familiar and not as exciting.

But I do love my lights.  Winter is a dreary and dark time and I won’t go into another long rant against it.  I’m clearly a spring/summer person and would be happier in a place with less winter.  The lights just make it more bearable.  I want color and winter is painted with greys and browns and so the brightly colored lights just break up the monotony.  I suppose there is also a link to childhood (even though we didn’t live in this city) because of the memory of going out in the cold to see the Christmas decorations.  As you get older, I’m probably forgetting the number of times it was really miserable standing out in the cold but, at a distance, it all seems much more pleasant.

The weather here was a good news/bad news type of thing.  The good news was that it wasn’t the ice palace that it can be this time of year.  In fact, it was almost spring like although, once the sun went down, it felt a lot colder than the temperature suggested.  Still, it meant that the crowds at the zoo were a bit unmanageable.  I hate crowds.  I want to just take my time and look at the lights and just be amazed and overwhelmed but you kind of get pushed along by the mob and there are all types of people there damaging my calm.  For the most part, I try not to be judgemental but it is difficult in crowds of people.

The show on Saturday was a little better since they kind of limited the crowd size.  This was new for this year and it was quite impressive.  At one point, it revealed a little difference in our personalities.  As we were sitting on a bench and watching the choreographed light show, I was just taking in the music and the lights and the general vibe of the place.  Then my wife wonders how much it cost and whether they are really making any money out of this.  She’s got a limit of how long she can just look at lights and be amazed before the practical side of her takes over.  She actually asked one of the volunteers how much it cost and he really had no idea.  See, I just think they should create this experience for people out of the goodness of their hearts but, she’s right, it has to make money or there is no reason to continue doing it.  (Much like dance studios)

Reality hit this morning with a return to work.  The good news is that I’ve got a significant amount of vacation time and I’m taking almost three weeks off in December/January.  Not to go anywhere or do anything but to just rest and chill and recharge.

The changes continue at work and I don’t know if I’m just better able to deal with it since I do tend to be more in the “let’s see what happens” camp than the “I need to have the next ten years of my life planned out” camp.  This is where I sometimes struggle to understand the SJ types.  I think these are the types who are the backbone of any large bureaucracy making sure all the procedures are followed and everyone is following all the rules.  We are in a rather chaotic state and kind of making up rules as we go along which really seems to be stressful for people.  Maybe it is also because INFP’s really have a strong inner compass that we follow.  Not saying others don’t but we may be more likely to follow our compass than the rules.  Not always but a little chaos doesn’t really bother me.  Everyone on my team is totally quality focused (well I’ve got one rebel) so, even without a procedure to follow, they’ll make the right decisions.  But I think the SJ’s don’t like making decisions.  They want to have the decisions laid out for them in a procedure.

That might be a generalization but it seems to be true.  So I had to put my boss cap on and try to offer what little reassurance I could.  Which really wasn’t much more than letting them know that they need to expect more chaos and not less over the next several months.  And a reminder that it was all going to be OK.  Not sure if it calmed anyone down or not but I had to try.

Well, I’ll probably have more dance related stuff to talk about later this week.  I’m kind of coming back around to the thought of introducing more general life stuff.  This has never been exclusively about ballroom but there have been a lot of life changing things happening and I need to talk about them.  Besides, I’m more than a dancer.


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