The Death Drop

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Yes, there still is dancing and I have something to talk about.  First, a brief family update.  Spoke with Mom just a minute or so ago.  Funny thing is my brother got her a cell phone and she’s still trying to figure it out so I had someone from the facility in her room help answer the call.  Anyway, she’s sounding good.  The physical therapy is wearing her out but she’s determined to do it because it will get her out sooner.  My brother arranged for a lot of help for Pop and she said they are going to keep it going even after she gets home.  So all is going about as good as can be expected.

Today was also a bittersweet day at work.  This was the last official day for all of the people who part of the last downsizing.  Which meant you’d see people in the halls who hadn’t been there for weeks and that was odd and sad.  I ran into a guy who I’ve known and he tells me it is his last day and that he’s enjoyed working with everyone.  A couple of people sent email farewells.  Three of the people on my team were back so everyone got a chance to see them.  For the most part, people are doing well but it was clearly the end today and that was a little sad.

So, now on to dancing.  At our lesson last week, Kid T decides that she wants to add a death drop to the little swing routine we are developing for Showstoppers.  We briefly worked on it then but spent the bulk of the lesson last night working on it.  It is designed to be the end our little routine.  We start after rolling away from each other and then walking towards the audience and turning to face each other.  I get her left hand in my right and then give her three turns until she’s on my right side.  At that point I get a firmer grip and then bring my left hand to get her right and have my hands crossed at the wrist.  Then, I get to stand there and brace and she does the drop meaning that she’s giving me all of her weight while keeping her heels on the ground.

The first time she did it, I did get pulled off my left foot a bit and had to work to stabilize.  But, then, having felt it once, I was better able to brace myself.  Had to learn to lock my arms in place because she was swinging a bit after dropping.  We started slowly with her giving me time to get ready but the move comes up fast so we had to work to get it up to speed and I had to learn to get solid rather quickly.  The good news is I managed to keep my head up and looking out rather than looking down at her which likely would have ended in disaster.

OwnerGuy was watching us from the sideline since it was a quiet time at the studio.  I’m pretty sure he was making sure I could handle it.  I’m guessing an injury to Kid T would be a bit of a problem and there might even be insurance issues.  If I come in next week and the death drop is off, I’ll know the reason but he didn’t seem alarmed and, near the end, she was dropping and not moving and I was even holding her down there for a few counts.  So, I’m sure I can pull this off.

Have to say that it was quite a workout though.  I’m not sure how many times we did that move but it was probably 10-15 and maybe more.  Just like doing reps at the gym I guess.  My upper arms and behind my shoulders are a little sore today so I know I was working.  She mentioned later at party that her calves were a little sore which is likely because of the position she ends up in.   The only problem is that since I’m looking up and out, I have no idea what this move looks like.  I’m going to have to get someone to video it when we do it at Showstoppers in a couple of weeks.

And it also triggered something I wrote about a bit earlier when my trainer asked me to write up a brief summary of why I train.  I said I felt a little silly talking about dancing but, this move is enough evidence that dancing is a sport and doing things like this requires strength and that dancers are just as much athletes as anyone else.  Well, the best dancers certainly are.  I’m still an amateur but, even at my level, doing strength work makes me a better dancer.  She wouldn’t have suggested this move if she didn’t think I could do it and I couldn’t have supported her weight this well before I started doing the strength training.

Speaking of training, the trainers do change from time to time.  I was working with one lady on Friday morning but she had to go back to school so I’m now working with a different person.  It takes a bit to get used to their styles but she actually got all excited when I told her about dancing and she’s done some research to see what she can do to help.  So it isn’t silly to be doing this for dancing.  It is most helpful.  I’ve really only had one bad experience with a trainer and I do like this one.  She’s seems to be more of a toucher than the others.  Nothing more than just checking to see that certain muscles are working like they are supposed to be or that I’ve tightened the appropriate places.   Again, it is nothing terrible but just something for me to get used to given my whole Victorian nature.  Not really used to someone touching my abs to make sure I’ve got them tightened.

No dancing tonight.  Next week, I’ve got two lessons on Tuesday and then we have the Snowball on Wednesday.  OwnerGuy is having it at a venue with a postage stamp size dance floor so the dancing won’t be so great but it is still one of the better events since it is just dinner and dancing and Christmas music with no pressure about feedback or judges.  It tends to be a good time.

We have some Christmas activities planned this weekend.  Like most places, there are a multitude of places to go to see lights and other displays.  Even when they don’t change much from year to year, it is still fun to go and get in the Christmas spirit.  So it will be a busy weekend.

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