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Well, all epics are trilogies, right?  So why not a third post on Showcase.  I might actually make it to four because I didn’t get to study the critiques in detail to look for the meta messages.

At our Famous Franchise Showcase, routines are graded based on four categories which I can’t remember off the top of my head.  I know one is technique and another is overall performance is showmanship and one is around poise/confidence.  Each one gets 25 points so you’ve got a possible 100 points.  And each judge fills out a critique sheet for my three routines, I got six feedback sheets.

The scores ranged from 96 to 97.  Doesn’t top the all time high of 98 that I got on my Peabody last fall but that was a routine where all the pieces just fell into place.  I’d equate these to 9’s on Dancing with the Stars.  The best thing was that the Argentine Tango score came up from when we did it in the spring.  Yea!  Progress!  Yes, I’m happy with the scores and the feedback I got on those routines.

We went over all of the individual heats and much of it was really positive.  There were several where they just said something like “great dancing” and one where one of them said “you’re the man”.  Which just means in the time they were watching me, they didn’t see anything obvious to pick on and that’s really a good thing.  There weren’t a lot of comments on posture in the smooth (there were several in the rhythm so that’s an area of focus). Several comments on floorcraft which makes sense because a lot of the heats were packed and so, in the smooth, there was a lot of maneuvering required.

What I also liked was some specific comments on the open Bolero.  We do a dip in one part and one judge really liked it.  There is another part which is kind of a dip but not a dip.  Basically, after coming around her, I just lower and bend a bit to allow her to really go low.  Then, I bring her up and bounce her off me.  Well, they liked that as well.  They also liked the dip we do at the end of the Argentine Tango routine where I just kind of fling her down and then back up.  I bring all this up because she’s doing a lot of work but I need to be solid and secure for her to really work and I credit the strength training for being able to make those things work.

But there was one dance that jumped out at me.  The comments were along the lines of “this is your dance”.  Funny thing is that I’ve done this at the last couple of Showcases with different judges and I keep getting that comment – even when I’ve done it with different partners.  And that dance is ….. Argentine Tango !?!   I wish I had read that before the coach got there because there is this part of me that just wants to say “WHY??”  What makes that my dance.  What am I doing that is so special?  (Maybe I just have issues with people giving me compliments and I want to make sure they are legit)

And, maybe, I’m just having a hard time wrapping my head around me and Argentine Tango.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love the dance (but I love a lot of dances).  I just don’t see myself fitting into what you traditionally expect for Tango.  With my Victorian nature, I would have expected Waltz to be my dance.  You know, elegant, refined, etc.  It could very well be that it is the one smooth dance where you can look down or sort of at your partner.  Maybe that just allows me to dance it more like we are just a couple on a empty floor and not surrounded by other dancers and judges.  Or maybe I should just stop trying to figure it out and just accept it.  There is something about me that fits the Argentine Tango.  It is what it is.

They also want to see more styling in the Rhythm dances so that is something to work on.  I’ll admit that I still struggle with the whole arm/style thing in the heats.  Give me a routine and I can add the appropriate style and flair but it is harder to do in the normal heats.  Well, something to work on.

We started on our next Showstoppers routine but I’m not going to talk about it yet because it is still a work in progress and could change.

I wanted to talk about group class.  We ended up with five men and only one lady which has to be really unusual for a studio.  Kid T taught and NewestGirl joined in because they lumped us all into one group to cover for the missing ladies.  Still, it left a lot of time with no partner.   Part way through group class, this guy next to me decides he wants to try and follow so he asks me to lead.  I should tell you that he’s probably about 70 and he’s a Filipino doctor and he isn’t very tall.  Just to get you the visual.

He wasn’t a bad follow.  As he said, rumba isn’t that hard if you can hear the beat.  At first, I thought it was just a little joke but we kept it up during the group class.  The instructors jumped in when they could as they rotated around, but if we were left without a partner, I just lead him through the step.  Made for an interesting group class.  Oh, and the one lady who was there cut in one time to dance with me because, as she told me, its easier when you dance with someone who knows what they are doing (meaning me by the way).  It was an odd Tuesday night at the Famous Franchise.

Have another lesson tonight.  Nothing against my new partner, but I’m kind of hoping some ladies show up tonight.  Guess we shall see.

PS – I forgot to add one last little thing.  There was a wedding couple there working on their first dance.  I’ve seen them a few times and I think they’ve seen me.  Z was talking to them about future plans “do you see yourself continuing to dance after your wedding?”, etc.  Well I was walking out as they were getting schedule and the guy says “he’s the man” and gives me a little fist bump.  I hear him say something about wanting them to teach him to move like me.  Sometimes, I do get so wrapped up in my own issues that it shocks me to think of anyone wanting to dance like me.  But, how others see you is an important thing to consider in evaluating your own skill.   So I’ll take the compliment even if it feels a little weird.


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